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STDs or sexually transmitted diseases are transferred through infections from one to another during the sexual contact and hence they are also termed as STIs or sexually transmitted infections. It is a worth mentioning aspect here that STDs might show their symptoms and indications in some cases and also have a tendency to keep growing without any sign of the diseases. Also, there is a fair bit of chance that the person could have the disease without having a knowledge about it, but nevertheless, the STDs are equally deadly in either of their and must be treated right according to their prescribed treatment which is called STD treatment.

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Chances of risk:

Anyone who is indulged in sexual activity is at the risk of suffering from the STD as there is no other way to avoid it except the complete avoidance of the sexual activities. There are most modern kinds of condoms which are used for protection but even they are not entirely safe which shows that nothing is completely protected in this regard. The research studies show that only in the US 20 million people per year are observed to be the victim of STD. 


It is not recommended to try curing STD by yourself due to the fact that the STDs are highly contagious and can be transmitted from one to another ever so immediately, so consulting a doctor is inevitable. The bacterial STDs are able to be treated with the help of antibiotics but that is not the case with Viral STDs, however, these can be manipulated and managed by controlling the symptoms through regular medicines.
A brief list of most specific STDs treatment is as follows:


It is commonly known and accepted fact that the HIV is not a curable disorder and hence the treatment revolves around maintaining of HIV levels under control. However, antiretroviral are the regularly practiced therapy in this regard, in which several drugs are given to the patient. For commencement of antiretroviral, the right time is always debated and different doctors and experts have a contrasting opinion about it. Always consult your medical professional for antiretroviral therapy.

Gonorrhea & Chlamydia:

Once on being diagnosed with this kind of STDs, one must start taking medicines immediately as antibiotics are mainly used for the treatment. The partner of the patient will also need to take the treatment and get a retest after three months since the lack of treatment could cause permanent damage to reproduction and cause infertility. 


In order to prevent harmful bacteria from prevailing in rest of your body, the instant treatment is essential as failure to do so could damage other organs as well. The most frequently used treatment for Syphilis is called Penicillin.

Genital herpes:

Genital herpes has the tendency to remain in your body throughout your life once they are inflicted. However, there may be different terms or patches of their appearance and then they will disappear in some time and vice versa. Mainly, antiviral medications are prescribed to the patients whereas in extreme cases suppressive therapy is also utilized.


This kind of infection is fairly able to be cured fully in a majority of the cases. For the same purposes, several kinds of specialized drugs are prescribed to the patient by the medical experts and both the partners are recommended to retest after 3 months to ensure whether if the infection has been completely eradicated or not.


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