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Overview of the ECCE Historical DevelopmentThis assignment I am outlining and discussing is based on the history development of the Early Childhood Care and Education in Ireland. The ECEC services available in Ireland today. I am going to be looking at a number of different careers and outlining their importance.Until the 1980s pre school education was very much unsual. It was because most irish woman didn’t work outside of the home.

the ‘marriage bar’ was, when working woman had to quit their jobs when they got married and had br be a stay at home mother and wife.In the 1957 the ban was lifted for only primary school teachers but the ban for other woman in the public sector wasn’t lifted until 1973, 6 years apart. The private sector provided most of the progress in the area of the pre school education in Ireland.

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“The ECEC needs of babies,young children and their families were met instead by a broad range of community, voluntary and private enterprises.” the services provision was not regulated until 1997. McMillan(2013),pg 2 National Forum on Early Childhood Care (1998)The National Forum on Early childhood care, established in 1998 by Micheál Martin, the minister of Education and science It has brought together organisations and individuals that have an interest in childhood education, it was successful because It created a lot of initiatives e.g.

‘the White Paper on Early Childhood Education.’ The White Paper on early childhood education was made to set out government policies on the problems that relate to early childhood education. The theme of the White Paper is the quality of provision. It noticed that there was a lot of quality provision in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector,but there was a need to normalise provision, this leads to the findings of the Child Care Pre-school regulations,Síolta and Aistear.McMillan(2013)pg 3 Síolta and AistearSíolta was established in 2006 by the department of education and skills. The framework for Síolta took three years and it involved over fifty organisations that represented childcare workers, parents, teachers etc. “Síolta aim is to define,assess and support the improvement of quality across all aspects of practice in the ECEC setting that cater for children aged 0-6 years old.

” The places in Childcare that are covered by Síolta are ‘childminding servicers, full and part time day care and sessional services. Aistear was established in 2009 by the NCCE their aim is to develop the whole child. Pervious primary schools curriculum was more subject based and now inphant classes in primary schools must follow the Aistear curriculum. Aistear is the planning exciting and fun learning activities for children that are in daycare and children that just started in primary school classes. McMillan(2013)pg 4National Voluntary childcare collaborative (1999)The national Voluntary childcare collaborative was created in 1999.

The organisation has more than seven non – government agencies that are committed to the promotion and up rising of the ECCE. Some of these organisations include:Barnardos Early Childhood Ireland Children in hospital Ireland Childminding Ireland Irish Steiner Kindergarten association St Nicholas Montessori Society of Ireland Forbaint Naíonraí Teo


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