Over of 1999 and since then they

Over the years the usage of smartphones has gradually increased till we have reached the year 2018 when there is a smartphone that is in everyone’s hand.

With almost all the people using mobile in the present and the older generation, the best way to market your products is via mobile marketing. It is no longer an extravaganza; it is a necessity that both small and big companies need to do to survive in the hugely competitive market. If you don’t create something for the mobile audience then you are basically losing out on a lot of customers who would otherwise have been interested in your services. One such company that has excelled in the mobile marketing strategies is JetBlue.JetBlue is a top airline company that provides highly discounted airline fares.

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JetBlue is an airline company that is based in America and has its headquarters at New York. JetBlue is known as the sixth largest airline company in the city of America and serves over 100 cities there itself. The company got founded in the year of 1999 and since then they have been a popular choice among the people of America.

Their marketing strategies are remarkable and because of this reason, they have a loyal customer base that refuses to fly with any other airline. Some of the strategies that are employed by them for the mobile marketing are listed below.Mobile marketing Strategies employed by JetBlue:•?Mobile apps – if you are thinking that just a website that is mobile friendly is going to be enough then you are wrong.

Having a mobile app is really crucial and it needs to be present in order to engage more possible clients. Apps are more convenient than websites as one does not have to go to browsers and reload pages every time they want to see something. JetBlue has its very own app in which the people that want to book their flights can get all the information regarding the flight details and at the same time book the flight that they want at cheap rates. Another huge advantage is that they can quickly reach the customer support number as executives are always willing to help them.•?SMS marketing – even though 90% of the people that use smartphones nowadays have internet, text messages are still enabled on the phone. According to a survey, 90% of the text messages that are sent gets opened by the recipients and are read by them within three minutes. JetBlue understood this and made sure they employ this to market. Not always people will open apps or head to the browsers to see the offers however if there are SMS messages coming whenever there is something new and interesting that’s happening then the SMS is the fastest way to convey it.

It is highly unlikely that an offer SMS will go unnoticed but in-app notifications can many times get ignored.•?Twitter –most of the companies use the Twitter mobile app to tell about new announcements and promote their very own things and offers. This is a grave mistake that they do, even though this can attract customers they are soon going to be bored with the content that is in no way interactive with the twitter followers. What JetBlue does is that it understands this and uses Twitter for a completely new reason.

It uses Twitter to interact with the customers and support them. It answers queries questions and almost under every tweet you will find a reply posted by them. This level of personal interaction is loved by people as all of their problems and queries get solved really quickly by the JetBlue customer support team.• JetBlue getaways – mobile marketing shows are anything that hugely engages and attracts the customers. This campaign called the ‘JetBlue Getaways Get Away with It’ that was launched in June 2012 was a massive success.

What it included was a live and online game show in which numerous participants from around the world took part with the help of Skype audio. There were attractive prizes for the winners of this contest that included highly expensive vacation packages from JetBlue. This can be used by more companies as clients get easily attracted when they see amazing prices and such mobile friendly games can be played by anyone. Just make sure that the live games are engaging and fun to play and your company will reach the next level just like JetBlue.•?Coupons – everyone loves brand new discounts and deals on the things which they love. So just like JetBlue you can also launch attractive coupons for the customers. These e-coupons will give various deals on the fares of various goods and gone are the days when a printed coupon was needed. People will simply show their mobile and the coupon code will get scanned and redeemed by the company.

Mobile coupons are highly efficient and drives sales to a whole new level. Coupons are instant, efficient and really attractive, making young and adults everyone equally fall in love with it. This will not only increase the profit that is made by a company but customer loyalty and engagement is also targeted upon and improved in the long run.

•?Highly responsive email – who doesn’t love receiving personalized emails to their names and instant replies? If you want to maximize the mobile strategy that you use then include links and redirections to the main app that you own like JetBlue does. So with these promotional and offer emails you can attract the attention of the customers and now when they have their interest in the thing you can lead them to the app which you have in the apple or Google play store. Even studies show that people love companies that are responsive to the emails which are sent by the customers in case of any issue or a query. A good and responsive reply message makes the customers believe in you and builds the loyalty and trust. It makes the clients believe that you actually care about them and are there for your problems. While doing mobile marketing, its all about building the trust slowly and steadily.•?Videos – even though this is a common mobile marketing strategy, most of the companies fail to optimize the video according to the mobile screens. So it becomes inconvenient for the people to watch the videos on the mobile and lets admit it no one has the time to open the PC to view videos.

So what JetBlue does is that their videos, be it promotional or anything else are always optimized for the mobile devices so that the customers can easily view them and feel attached with the company. If you are posting a video make sure it is engaging and makes the viewers think rather than just creating a content which is highly promotional in nature. Also including share buttons in the video is a must as it ensures that you have a wider reach with the customers.So these are the top class strategies that are employed by JetBlue and which you can use to improve your sales and the brand value. Nowadays mobile marketing is indispensable and is highly needed. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that come if you follow these amazing and creative mobile marketing strategies.• Increase the number of customers.

When you are doing mobile marketing you are targeting a huge growth in the audience that you already have and if you do mobile marketing the right way your reach is going to increase exponentially. This will make sure that you have secured a position in the digital world where people remember you and the services that you provide.• Brand value gets increased. With mobile marketing, you create a name for your company in the market. People no longer see you as some anonymous company and they can easily identify you whenever they see logos and attributes that are unique to you.

For this reason, make sure that you stick to a particular format and logo so that people instantly recognize you and slowly believe in the high quality of the services that are provided by you.• Builds trust. Mobile marketing strategies like live chatting features and apps make the people feel like the customer support executives are right beside them. so it builds the company and customer relationship and strengthens it with every passing day. Highly responsive companies that use SMS or email feature to reach its customers makes them feel more special. So the trust gets stronger if the above-mentioned strategies are used.• Entertains the customers. Contests and games among various other mobile marketing strategies not only keep the viewers and players engaged but also entertain them.

People soon recognize you with that game and thus more and more people come to play which is highly beneficial and creates a wider outreach.So with so many attractive advantages, it is nearly impossible to say no to any of the mobile marketing strategies. And saying backdated and not doing anything related to mobile marketing is simply going to harm your company in the long run. So without any delay, use the highly effective strategies and watch as your company grows. JetBlue, however, has a few lagging features, for example, it serves only in 100 destinations in and around America including destinations in Aruba,The Bahamas,Barbados,etc. Moreover, there operations are concentrated more in the northeast region of the U.

S., including New York and Boston. It is found that 90% of it’s customers use non stop routes. Moreover in December 2013, it also served 82 cities in 25 states, including the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands, and also 15 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America, like Puerto Rico. It basically has an equal share in Florida, Latin America and the transcontinental region. This accounted for about 87% of JetBlue’s total capacity. This can be considered as an analysis on the demographic the company appears to be serving or more precisely the JetBlue’s key target markets.

JetBlue is the largest carrier by capacity at the Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood, Florida Airport, with a total of 20% passengers. Since the cost per enplanement is lower therefore the terminals should be upgraded and expanded by 2018. It is also the second largest carrier at the Orlando International Airport with more than 15% of flights operated there. Their empire can expand a lot more if they choose to fly all throughout Asia and Europe.

According to a recent update it has been found that JetBlue has some initiatives in Asia as well from December 2017, but it definitely has to expand more in these demographics by the end of 2018. These initiatives include about 1% of flights from the Delhi airport as well. This is a major decision that can be taken to change the fate of the company and is, in turn, going to be really beneficial for the company.

So this is something JetBlue can do in future to make even more profits.The impact of key external factors on JetBlue is a point of major concern like economic conditions and the growing consumer interest in leisure travel. These factors like the growth in the economy, disposable income, and fuel prices have negatively affected JetBlue. Moreover, the data, which JetBlue collects from the customers using mobile devices, can be best described through the following survey:1.

JetBlue has observed a steady increase in the number of customers (around 12% of it’s customer base) using the mobile platforms to book flights.2. But the research also revealed that the use of mobile remains one of the primary research options rather than a booking option.3. Moreover, to enhance the travel experience the customers are using mobile phones after booking their flights.


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