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Over the last twelve thousand years planet earth has become more innovative than anyone would have ever imagined. We can now call people whenever we please just about wherever we please, with a cellphone that is smaller than our hand and not all that much thicker than a regular t-shirt. Over the last decade the technology we use everyday has gotten faster, lighter and more energy efficient. Ten years ago, nobody would have thought that just about anyone could buy a decent computer for only a couple hundred dollars. The amazing people making the unthinkable possible are the Engineers of todays society. These different types of engineers work together everyday to innovate and create devices to better the day-to-day lives of civilians. Although every invention made by engineers is impressive and important, one specific area has proven to be vital in our daily lives, and that is the invention of the automobile.
The innovation of travel is a fascinating topic, comparing the way our ancestors traveled to the way we travel in 2018 is incredible. Nobody in the 1800’s or even the early 1900’s would have ever dreamed transportation would become so practical, efficient and affordable. About five thousand years ago the invention of the wheel was created in Mesopotamia, Egypt around 3500 BC according to the website LifesLittleMysteries. Although it is not known who the one person was that invented the wheel, little did they know that they were on their way to innovate one of the most useful creations of all time. The wheel was engineered to have horses pull the buggies and from there on were used for farming, and transportation. People grew so dependent on the horse and buggy that they relied on the invention to survive. However, to have a horse and buggy anywhere in the world at the time was not cheap, only the wealthy could afford that type of transportation. People used the Horse and buggy as their main source of transportation all the way until about 1769 when a very intelligent engineer created the first steam powered vehicle that was capable of transporting people, the name of this engineer was Nicholas Joseph Cugnot. Although this was an extremely important bookmark for humanity there were many issues surrounding the steam powered engine, because it was extremely expensive to own a car at the time a very seldom amount of people could afford it. Although there was the odd car on the road, people continued to use and innovate the horse and buggy. It was not until the early 1800’s during the industrial revolution that the automobile began to really take off and become popular. Although the car was by no means cheap, industrial engineers started to work on making processes more efficient. These industrial engineers worked on ways to create machines that could do more work than a human, but at the same time there would need to be a skilled worker manning the machine. The man that incorporated industrial engineering and the automobile went by the name is Henry Ford.


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