Over a nearer future, Google has cited

Over theyears there has been speculations about how the influence of science fictionfilms have premediated the creation of new technology. For example, an onlinearticle mentions how ‘The Sci-Fi futuresof Transportation’, “there is much discussion on how sci-fi films havepaved the way to a nearer future, Google has cited start trek as beinginfluential to their computer scientists and their vision for their technologyproducts”. (Phillip, L. (2017). “The economy losing all connection with authentic needsinsofar as it emerges from social unconscious that unknowingly depended on it.

Whateveris conscious wears out. What is unconscious remains unalterable. But once it isfreed, it too falls to ruin”. Debord, G.(2017).  Other simulations and thoughts of hyperrealism coexisting with areality, are our incorporeal minds exceeding the levels of the norm, reachingor something of the ‘unconscious’.

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Films like Ender’s Game are on f the manythat have fictionalised our ‘authentic needs’ the film introduces new methodssuch as ‘Cryosleep’. This prolonged concept is essentially a hibernationchamber that runs through deep space. (Image 4). The article explores in depthhow space flight is ambitious in forward thinking projects, “space scientistswant to put humans to sleep for up to two weeks as they journey through thesolar system” (Hamill, J. (2017).

  This cutting-edge technology derivesfrom our knowledge of sci-fi films, optimistic visions of the golden age ofscience fiction to make a better future. Now NASA is working with an Americanform called ‘Space Works’ to “turn fiction into a reality”. Science fiction isan expansive genre that explores the impact of imagined or actual science in amodern society, on how it can progress society culturally and technologically.(Image 5)


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