Outline allows them to live how they

Outline different viewpoints around an issue of public concern relevant to the sector

Describe how being supported to live at home can benefit an individual

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Living in your own home is important to everyone, at any age or ability. It allows us to live how we want to live, and allows us to be independent in our own lives.

Needing support at home ensures;
• The individual can take more control over their own routine within the house.
• Friends and family visit more comfortably
• The individual is more comfortable and happy.
• They can stay close to what is familiar.
• They can retain their independence.
• An individual can take control over their routine outside of the home, support workers can ensure appointments, social events and basic needs such as shopping and food preparation is completed with the individual in mind.
Basically, having support can greatly benefit an individual because its less disruptive to the individual which means their overall well-being is positive. Which in turn helps their physical ability and encourages them to thrive in their own home.

Compare the roles of people and agencies who may be needed to support an individual to live at home

People and agencies who are needed;

General Practitioner District Nurse Support Worker Care Worker
Council Family Friends Social Services

These people are important to ensuring individuals that support them to live comfortably at home. Family and friends are the most important, they know the individual more than any care worker. They contribute to the overall well-being of the individual and allows them to live how they always have done, or will support them through the change of care support.

GP’s and Nurses are there to ensure the individual is taken care of physically and emotionally, they help refer the individual for specific care needs, such as; physiotherapists, podiatrists, opticians, dentists…etc.

Support and care workers are the people that support the individual up to a 24 hour basis. These are the people that are there to ensure the individual is independent and capable of living at home confidently. I support many service users in their own homes, by having the support they require and have control over, they can ensure they live to their best ability.
Where do you refer to in order to help your clients live to their best ability?
The Local Authority Council offers services such as; benefits, information on providing their own care, or information on how they can support you, and much more.
Social Services can offer anything up to 24 hour care, they assess and review the individual. Social Services offer these hours to the individual and refer their contracts to companies such as North West Community Services.

Without the support from these people the individuals care needs would not be met, and the individual wouldn’t thrive in their own home.
You have mentioned some very good points Sarah!
Explain the importance of providing information about benefits, allowances and financial planning which could support to live at home

It is important that my service users have all the information they need to confidently live at home with support. I support my service users to find out what would benefit them, and ensure they are getting everything that is there for them to succeed. I do this by assisting them get in that information from the internet at gov.uk, by phoning their local benefit provider or assisting them to the council office. Financial planning is sometimes required to help ensure my service users are living within their means, and can ensure they can do what ever they want but by planning with support.
Good point!
Explain how risk-management contributes to supporting individuals to live at home

When my service users live at home, it is important to ensure their environment is safe from any risks that the service user may have. For example; One of my service users live in a rented property, they had damp and mould in their bathroom and spare room. I identified the problem and took necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of my service users. I showed my service user and if they had the capacity to do so, they would ring their housing association and report the issue. If they do not have the capacity to communicate the issue, I would speak to the housing assosiation on behalf of my service user. I would also report this risk with my senior, and communicate the outcome for it.

Risk assessments are a benefit for the service user and the support workers entering the property. To ensure the individuals / service users can live as normally and comfortably as possible, it is important to identify these risks, and to make further actions if needed, for example; if the service users strains when getting into a bath, the further action would be to install a wet room. This would enable the service user to wash independently, and ensure their dignity is upheld as long as possible.


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