Outcomes This bargaining power means that negotiating power

Outcomes from Women Autonomy There are various factors that impacts on women autonomy.

But author here emphasis on asset ownership and education of women. Ward et. al., (2009) estimated that Bangladeshi women working in Britain is increasing which increases the unemployment rate of men.

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It also influences the bargaining power of women in the family. This bargaining power means that negotiating power of one person to dominate other person in decision making process. It is also evident that women are hired more than men in garments, textile, and food processing factories from rural and suburban areas with low wages (Ibrahim et. al., 2007). Experts hypothesize that low wage of women leads to low cost of product and finally it contributes to the economic growth of the country. Women asset ownership has various impacts like household well being, autonomy.

It also impacts on children education and health services. Another study shows that asset ownership increases decision making and bargain power of women. They can use their asset for negotiation. Asset is also helpful for women at the time of depression. The earning women are more contribute in family decision making and they are more aware of the international affairs. Women asset ownership always contributes to children wellbeing. In most cases women income is spend for housing, durable goods and education and not for addiction or luxurious expenditure.

In addition, educated women influence in family decision with their innovative ideas and help in decision making at the same time. Thus education enhances women autonomy. It increases women’s ability to control resources, confidence, and awareness. This improves husband wife communication. This also impact on the family status (Ibrahim et.

al., 2007).2.3 Establishment of Women AutonomyDevelopment means enhancing autonomy for both men and women. That is why women autonomy is very important to attain economic efficiency. In this case to improve autonomy of rural women first and foremost needs (Baliyan, 2014). It is evident that women in the garments sector can live outside the home for much time it reduces the control of men over them.

It also makes them central to the family. So women’s working is an indicator of women autonomy.


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