Outcome-based and updated and for staff this is

Outcome-based practices for a resident are regularly reviewed when their care plan is reviewed and updated and for staff this is during their supervision. Whilst reviewing a care plan I ask the resident if they are happy with the care they are receiving and if any changes have occurred have these assisted the resident in a good way. I also ask them if they have any issues and endeavour to resolve these issues for them. During a staff supervision I review what they have done well, what they have learnt and any training they have attended. Each of our units has a senior who audits the resident’s care plans every 3 months to ensure they are being maintained to a high standard.

The senior completes an audit form and this feedback is given to the keyworker, for them to update any changes that need to be made. I feel when outcome-based practice is delivered well it can increase motivation and enthusiasm which can help to create a meaningful and fulfilling life for both our residents and staff.

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