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a. Hot stone heaters do range with every producer and all heaters operate in one-of-a-kind ways. Some might also take longer to warmness up when it comes to the water potential (the bigger the heater ability in litres, the longer it take to heat) depending upon the size offered, that varies depending upon the range of stones to be heated. It’s miles essential to apply stone heating device that has been manufactured for the reason of heating hot stones. those heaters are typically made from chrome steel and should have a detachable lid and an illuminated digital temperature show. It needs to be thermostatically controlled to prevent the stones from overheating.Whilst putting in geared up for the consumer, get the heater prepared for the customer it could take about 10 mins to get the heater as much as temperature. make sure the heater earlier than use is full of water and that each one the stones are thoroughly covered with water.
b. As there is risk of client getting injured while using hot stones such as burning, ensuring that insurance will cover any risk of injury. Part of the requirements for insurance is that a therapist uses aprofessional stone heater.Incase anon professional heater is used and there is injury to aclient, it is unlikely that the insurance will cover any potential claim by aba client. This would leave the therapist and salon open to a personal injury claim being made by a client and the financial consequences of such a claim should the client be successful.
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e. In addition to hot stone massage, it is not only important to take account of the size and shape of stone for the clients’s physical charateristics but also to ensure that the stones used easily fit into the therapists hands. Bigger stones make the therapist find it clumpsy to hold the stones being used and thus transfer the awkwardness to the massage movements that will not flow nor be enjoyable for the client. The cliwent may not find the size or number of stones being used.Whilst taking into account the size of the hands of the therapist,those with geenropusly sized hands make it easy to adapt the treatment by way size of the stone to suit the physical charateristics of the client in terms of height/weight ratio and muscles.Constant checking of the clients comfort and pressure is also important. The trigger stones are ideal for use on areas with tense nodules such as the trapieus.
f. After every treatment, the stones are cleaned with warm soapy water and tghen dried with atowel and placed back in the water heater which has been emptied and dried with aclean towel placed in the bottom of the heater.It is recommended that the stones are recharged monthly to restore their energy levels and to discharge all the negative energy they have absorbed throughout the treatments and to reconnect to their roots in nature.When the stones need recharging as they donot hold the heat for very long and are not hot to the touch,even if the water is the correct temperature.The stones can be charged by being immetsed in sea water,left out overnight in the moonlioght, cleansed with Reiki therapy among other ways.
g. A towel or a sheet is usually used between the skin and the placement stones which cushions the skin and avoids burning the skin.Socks or small pillow cases to put small stones in for placement around the joints are always a suitable barrier some manufacturers suggest.
h. Instructions of the manufacturer should be followed for the operating temperature of the water heater for hot stones. The heater needs to be thermostatically controlled with water temperature usually between 50 to 60 thus not exceeding 65. For cold stones, placement in cool bag or in cold water with a comfortable temperature which can be handled by for the therapist and the client is essential. Stones placed in the freezer run the risk of burning the client.
i. Jojoba oil is oil recommended for use with hot stones because it closely resembles the chemical composition of sebum, the skins own natural lubricant. Other oils used with hot stones include grapessed oil or sweet almond oil.


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