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Our reality is a reflection of our inner essence.

But we sometimes do not want to realize this and we criticize those who cause inconvenience and frustration. It is necessary to understand in all such issues that we cannot change our lives without changing ourselves. Remember, you cannot scold a mirror if we do not like the reflection in it.

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You just need to change yourself so that the reflection changes and shows you how beautiful and amazing you are.Although this is not easy, our blocks and limitations prevent us, as long as we fight them and do not want to take them, our best tips in life.When something annoys us, we do not want to accept it or we want to change the world so that it matches our beliefs.

But this is impossible and it is not in our power to adjust the whole world for ourselves, we can only accept it with gratitude because all people and the world have the right to be what they are. And we too have the full right to be ourselves, not adjusting to someone else’s opinion. Many women and girls suffer from the fact that the appearance is not the same and the work is not what your relatives and surrounding people expect. We build our own internal barriers and block our essence from success and happiness, and most importantly from love.If you decide to start a business and internally you believe that it is an unsuccessful start, it won’t succeed.

If you continue repeating the same thoughts in your mind then definitely you won’t succeed because you won’t even try hard to achieve it. It is important to keep yourself positive because only it can take you to the success. To change the reflection, you need to change what is reflected- your consciousness. 1- If you want your kids to respect you and be confident then first respect yourself and be confident. 2- If you want salary raise at workplace then tell yourself that you are a true professional and do your work very well and you deserve a raise.

3- If your husband is not paying much attention to you then don’t think that ‘all men change over time’ or ‘I am not good enough for him’ or any other negative thoughts. It won’t improve your relation, the situation will get worse. 4- Believe in yourself is the most important thing, if you doubt yourself and your thoughts, then how can you achieve any of your goals. There is a famous saying ‘be the change you want to see in the world.

‘ Keep yourself positive and analyze yourself. Keep your surrounding with positive people because energy attracts energy.


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