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Our fighting men and women earned their healthcare coverage through hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. It’s a benefit promised to them, much like the pension they receive after retirement. It only seems right if you’re going to put soldiers in harm’s way that if they come back harmed, they should be taken care of for their sacrifice. We are asking the veterans to sacrifice so much, yet once they return home, Americans turn their backs on them. The armed forces recruit student in high schools around the country, offering the opportunity to serve your country and see the world. The wounded soldiers returning from war, most of the times are young men and women who are a year or sometimes months removed from their high school graduation. These young men and women are just kids who are risking it all to fight for what they think is right. Healthcare is a fundamental right that is being denied to a large portion of our veterans. One example of how veteran healthcare is underfunded can be seen in the article “Funds for veterans healthcare is $1 billion short” by Thomas B. Edsall in which he states that “we are falling short on our promise to take care of veterans” (Edsall 1)


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