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Our existence seems pretty meaningless and random. Why are we here? Why does the universe even exist in the first place? Why is there even consciousness?There are so many questions that science fails to answer.If everything is purely deterministic, why does the feeling of consciousness and free will persist?What is the answer to the hard problem of consciousness?Why would evolution select for consciousness?Why all this suffering? Inequality?Why is there such a unique, and oddly specific set of parameters that define our existence and our universe. The multiverse theory…?This universe continues to evade our understanding…For this reason, I’m inclined to believe in the existence of a ‘god.’However, probably not the God that theists believe in…What I’m suggesting is that there may be a lunatic (or several lunatics) up there who created mankind as some practical joke.(Now that won’t sit well with some.)You know, I think the idea that we’re living in a simulation is not too far-fetched afterall.


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