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Order number: 1705042
Order date: 07 Nov 2017
Your ticket to "TechTalk by Dev-Pro.net"
Dear Mr. / Ms. Evgeniy Aigubov,
Please find below your ticket for "TechTalk by Dev-Pro.net" (17 November 2017), which you ordered on 07 November 2017.
Thank you for your order and we hope that you'll enjoy a great event. Just print out your ticket and take it with you to the event.
Khreshchatyk Grand Hall , Ukraine, Kiev
Evgeniy Aigubov
0939 – 5347 – 0045 – 2946 0939 – 5347 – 0045 – 2946
Entrance ticketTechTalk by Dev-Pro.net
17 November 2017
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