Oral information because it saves the whole country

Mobile Tour Guide Application for Supporting Tourists Windhoek
S.Limbwambwa1, Professor R.R Puente2
1Information Technology, School of Computing, Faculty of Science, University of Namibia
2School of Computing, Faculty of Science, University of Namibia
email;[email protected]; Mobile; +264-81 4332955
”Mobile tourism” represents a relatively current trend in the ?eld of tourism and involves the use of mobile devices as electronic tourist guides CITATION Poo08 l 1031 1. At present, more and more scenic began full deployment of wireless Wi-Fi hotspots and GPS module, as a powerful complement of AGPS positioning technology, providing low power consumption, precise positioning technology beyond existing Wi-Fi network basis have great research and application value CITATION Ken11 l 2057 2. The current traditional tourist methods in Namibia present a lot of challenges; tourists have to visit the Windhoek information tourist centre to for information about places in the city tourist might want to visit. Due to the fact the few tourists’ application are rarely updated and are clustered with a lot of information because it saves the whole country thus making it tedious for post-travellers or tourists on the move who just need fast and reliable information.
In this research, we present Windhoek City-Guide, is an android mobile tour guide application that supports travellers in Windhoek city. This work discusses design and implementation issues of a ”mobile tour guide”. The application features include (Geolocation, which helps the application to determine users’ current location and calculates distances. Interactive map with clickable places, Map layers (normal, satellite, hybrid, terrain), Static map image, Navigation, Current distance to the POI (place of interest), Support for metric and imperial units, Phone call and e-mail intents, Open web link of the POI, Share POI (place of interest), Rate app on Google Play, Images can be loaded from the Internet or locally, Caching images Application works in offline mode, Responsive design and tablet support, Multi-language support, Google analytics to track the app usage and Support for Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) and newer).
Mobile tour guides has great significance as it can assist tourists to easily get timely information, convenience, easy navigation, places description, highlight places of interest and generally promote the city to the outside world. The application will improve the current way of paper maps and centralized information centers which have limited working hours and cannot carter for tour tourists on the move or “post travelers”.References
1 P. M. R. S. Pooja D. Watkar1, “SMART TRAVEL GUIDE: APPLICATION FOR MOBILE PHONE,” International Journal of Research In Science & Engineerin, vol. 2, no. 5, p. 10, 2008.
2 G. D. E. D. Kenteris M, “Electronic mobile tour guide,” Personal and ubiquitous computing, vol. 6, no. 15, pp. 97-111, 2011.


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