OPPORTUNITIES AND SOLUTIONS The government should take initiative in providing suitable schemes and availing suitable quotas for the female candidates

The government should take initiative in providing suitable schemes and availing suitable quotas for the female candidates. Also companies should provide incentives, which act as a motivation to the employer. Every company irrespective of size, nature should practice gender equality and not be bias when it comes to work and income distribution. To increase women’s participation in economic activity, it is crucial that policymakers also take into account the potential consequences of government policy options and that government policies constantly adapt to current challenges and anticipate future challenges.Training the women in the field that suits their talents and skills, could be a great source of opportunity to them which encourages them to pursue their career in it and, eventually they are more likely to join that field.

Nowadays, due to many career options it becomes difficult for an individual to choose the right one, thus providing them a counselor who could overcome all their fears and doubts regarding the job, which would be a much helpful way for them to choose the right career.

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Creating policies that remove distortions against part-time work will boost female participation also allocating suitable job locations as this reasons is the most important one which push backs a female from going ahead in her desired type of career. This could be seen in most of jobs which involve works based on location and not a desk job.

Also, when given a job location the respective company should provide them conveyance, which reduces the risk of harassment and also encourages them to work depending on different job locations.

It’s always been noticed society permits only for household jobs, and although how much ever we say that our nation has moved way beyond this thinking, but still in companies women are given the job but no based on their qualifications and interest but based on what the management thinks a women can do. Thus breaking these kinds of stereotypes will prove to be effective in increasing the female labor force participation.
Men are the bread earner of the family, but when a women works she becomes the bread earner and also the caretaker of the house and the family. Thus, providing female employers suitable and flexible work timings and also options of work from home which makes it easier for them to focus on both and thus not fail in their respective jobs.

A better way to encourage female labor force participation—and, more generally, greater social inclusion of women—is support for female entrepreneurship. Such support can be especially effective in places with a culture that perpetuates traditional gender roles and with limited employment opportunities. Female entrepreneurs not only create jobs for themselves but may also generate employment opportunities for other women. Female entrepreneurs are less likely than male entrepreneurs to discriminate against women and more likely to hire them. Most important, female entrepreneurship can have powerful indirect and long lasting effects by modeling entrepreneurship for younger generations of women and by helping to transform deeply rooted cultural norms and gender stereotypes that limit women’s options in the labor market.


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