Open stated that there are many factors that

Open DocumentPlagiarism is the uses of someoneelse work and authored it as one’s own work. In a school environment, it is basically the use of someone elseresearch or publication either a book or even an article on a review withoutmentioning him or her as if it was the student’s own ideas or work.

Per Roigand DeTommaso, 1991, stated in their research that Plagiarism is an act ofacademic dishonesty and cheating. They also stated that there are many factorsthat lead to these dishonesties. It is one ofthe primary problems in academic life and it is a simple subject to draw, butbadly to keep off.

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Plagiarism has become one of the major issues amonguniversity students around the world. It is one type of academic misconductwhich, is treated seriously in today’s universities.  Plagiarism is something that isnot valued, ignores, or excused in any part of the education process. Either isit supported in whatever type of assignment. Plagiarizing does not only stealsomeone else’s work; it also robs students from the learning experience thatthey can earn on the assignment.

It promotes laziness and shortcut that can bebad for the school environment. Plagiarism can affect a school badly because itwill give the school bad names and downgrade it prestige.First, it is believed that the issue of plagiarism may affectthe corporate image of an institution of higher education. It is very importantto study the relationship and impact of plagiarism in higher education tosustain organizational performance and to generate high-quality and morale ofstudents. Plagiarism can be an enormous problem in much higher educationalintegrity.

Academic dishonesty can lesson a degree earned from a higherestablishment and may prevent a graduate student from being hired for a job oraccepted into a graduate course of work.  For illustration, per An Economic Analysis ofAcademic Dishonesty and Its Deterrence in Higher Education written by StephenK. Happen and Marianne M. Jennings, stated in a survey that 56 % ofstudents in Pennsylvania and Rutger universities admitted that they took notein their exam hall by engaging in another pattern of cheating. Examples ofplagiarism like these can make it difficult for universities to rebuild theirreputations. Secondly,plagiarism robs the students of the learning experience they could learn on theassignment. In fact, the main purpose of an assignment is to test the level ofcomprehension of a given subject.

It is not only a test for the teacher, butfor the student as well to know what he has learned and where can he work moreto get some more improvement. Also, the progress is made only when the mind isstretched towards a process of improving. Etc. Per an article called “Theeffect of anomie of academic dishonesty among university students”, (1995;Davis.

Et all., 1995) stated that even though academic dishonesty is spreadingfast among universities, some academic staffs are reluctant to report offendersand let the system deal with their case, but they decide to use academicdishonesty code. There are a lot of professors in school that will not reporttheir student because they themselves are ashamed of what will happen.According to (McCabe, 1993), this code has been successful all through theyears since and many universities are still using it today to catch studentswho plagiarize or cheat.  Even thoughthis code is successfully all around the world in identifying plagiarism, manyhigher educational institutions still suffer greatly because of plagiarism.

Plagiarism,destroy many academic purity and the learning environment, in which the incidenthappens always gets affected. Theweb also gives student easy pass to plagiarize and it also makes it easy forschools to easily detect plagiarism. According to (Lyon, Barrett, and Malcolm2006) finding the source of suspected plagiarism were once difficult, but theInternet allows suspicious student writing to be more quickly compared to othersources using a standard internet search engine, leaving the detection ofsuspicious writing as the principal challenge. Because of this, many companiesand academic researchers develop the Turnitin software to help easily catch infraud.

This Turnitin compares students’ papers with other sources online to seeif it matches, then outline all the related sources that were used in thatpaper. According to Kraemer from their article Does the adoption of plagiarism-detection software in higher education reducesplagiarism? Reports data obtained using software by comparesstudent papers against a large number of sources, including peer-reviewedarticles, web pages, and textbooks and so on. Many higher institutions use thissoftware to help them easily detect plagiarism in many schools and it has beensuccessful so far.Furthermore,plagiarism can cause a lack of trust from higher institutions wanting to cooperatewith the school where the plagiarism took place. These institutions will not wantto admit students from that school.

There is always a lack of trust betweenteachers and students when this happens. These universities always sufferbecause consumers or companies wouldn’t want to cooperate with them. Many ofthese companies will stop offering accommodation services from universities andthey will believe that the school was not firm enough on the code forplagiarism to have happen. Many universities may suffer from functional image, whichis about behaviors based on functional activities carried out by profitenterprises.

Many companies may refuse to help these schools because of theincident. Per Lukashenko, Anohina and Grundspenkis in their 2007 article statedthat plagiarism reduces the value of a qualification conversed by theeducational institution. They said that it also demotivates other students todo their work independently and they will want to copy instead of doingassignments by themselves. Plagiarism, make institution to make difficult decisionsthat can hurt students involve in academic dishonesty, and the higherinstitution in a long run.

There are a lot of plagiarism cases here in theUnited State because of the diversity here. Finally,many student come from different countries and their ways of learning might bedifferent from the ways of those here. According to the article Cultural Values, Plagiarism, andFairness: When Plagiarism Gets in the Way of LearningIn relation to the literature thathas considered why students plagiarize, Carroll (2002) suggested that as moststudents are unsure what plagiarism is, they do not plagiarize on purpose.Higher institutions here in the United State now look more into the case ofplagiarism because they’re different cultures in this country. For instance,china and student from Asia have similar ways of studying and that alone makelots of schools here to reconsider how to hurdle plagiarism case. So, plagiarismaffects higher institution greatly and it damages school reputations and image.

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