Online barrier is overwhelm, customers return to

Online retailer must take different strategy to lessen the concern of repeat customer regarding usefulness of the website. After initial trust barrier is overwhelm, customers return to the website for repurchases based on the quality of the experience they received in terms of the usefulness of the website and trust in the online retailer.

In other words, the success of an online website depends on retaining existing customers. Because of acquiring new customers as much as cost five times than retaining existing customer 59. The usefulness of a service deals with customer intent and satisfaction.

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Current study found a significant relationship between PU and satisfaction. Additionally, PU was found to be the leading predictor factor for trust. This consolidates the rule of value and usability of technology in attaining customer satisfaction and repurchase behavior. Online retailers must decide the value of operations for which users are paying and find techniques of supervising the value as perceived by target customers.

However, PU is one of the main determinants of invention usage, which is associated with the utilitarian value that online retailers to customers (Revels et al., 2010). On the other hand, online retailers should examine and sincerely recognize the significance of utilitarian value for the potential customers to develop an efficient strategy. Thus, this helps to improve the usefulness of the services provided by online retailers. To perform online transactions, customers need to provide their basic information for instance credit card number, phone number, etc.

This all makes sense in understanding and validating the crucial role of trust in online shopping. The significance of trust is emphasized in online shopping since the spatial and temporal separation between the customer and retailer and because customers are needed to provide sensitive personal information, such as credit card details to the seller (Mallat et al., 2008). Therefore, trust could be used to predict customer satisfaction among shopping websites users.

Online retailers must determine their potential market and assign a balanced marketing budget to assure their customers that they are reliable and trustworthy service providers. Another way to improve trust is by incorporating institution-based structural declarations into the website, such as statement of guarantee, contact numbers, and hallmarks given by the Better Business Bureau. Assuring the customers that online retailer has nothing to gain by not being reliable also develops trust.

It is quite assuring that gaining customer trust is fundamentally under the control of the online retailer, meaning that online retailer can largely impact on consumer trust. The success of online retailers has indeed been accredited to trust-building approaches, namely institution-based structural assurances (Hof 2001). 


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