One and apparently she had been caught

One would expect that individuals would be more understanding to each other. Individuals believe they have the right to judge others without first looking into themselves.

It is a sad world we live were women are marginalised and treated as inferior to our male counterparts and judgement is not meeted out equally. I witnessed both a disturbing and life changing occurrence today. On my way home a group of men raced right passed me, they seemed to be chasing a woman, for what reason I was unaware of at the time. They caught her and threw her to the ground with much force, I could see the lust in their eyes and I knew what would happen thereafter. A closer look at this woman led me to the realization that she was a known prostitute and apparently she had been caught committing adultery, her faith was sealed. She would be brutally raped and subsequently stoned to death. The men attempted to execute this most brutal and invasive violation as it was deemed justifiable based on her crime.

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Numerous hands travelled over her body with no intention to seduce, she was petrified, as she was cognizant of the impending torture. It irked me as they carried out their twisted perception of justice, somehow illusive of the fact that “it takes two to tango” according to the old adage; certainly the woman could not have committed the act on her own; her male accomplice was equally responsible and therefore equally culpable. The man however was treated with the same pleasantries. All of sudden a man like no other disrupted the process. He knelt beside her speaking inaudibly however she seemed to be comforted. He appeared to hold a different view of her, a different perspective on the whole matter.

He spoke words that caused the mob the mob to take an introspective look at their own lives; they too have done wrong but have not been penalized. He pointed out the hypocrisy of their actions with a simple statement. The mob dispersed, their actions being fouled this time. Their mentality however remained; she would not be the last victim.


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