One be another case of their friendship because

One way they show friendship is when they both are by the campfire and george tells lennie about his aunt and how she said to take care of lennie. Even though he says he would rather be doing something else then taking care of lennie, He reassures lennie that they are both going to be together and that they will build a farm once they get a job and get money. When lennie was being chased by curley and his folks because he killed curley’s wife unintentionally, can be another case of their friendship because george knew lennie was not going to make it so he wanted to be the one to do it. Where they met down in the lake where george told him to meet if things got ugly, He was talking to lennie to comfort him and lennie was telling him that he didn’t know that he killed her. George killed lennie even though lennie did not tend the rabbits george promised. George did this, not out of hatred, but rather out of protection. When George first meets Lennie, he knows instantly that they have a strong bond with each other because Lennie listens to whatever he tells him to do, “I turns to Lennie and says ‘jump in’ and he jumps. Couldn’t swim a stroke” (Steinbeck 40) Although, forgiveness is how lennie is how lennie and george keep their friendship through the journeys they have faced.


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