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One of the interesting facts that I have is that 60 million people speak thai.Another one is thailand is known as the Kingdom of Thailand.I am going to share information regarding how the Thai language is connected to religion,the different cultures that speak thai,and how education is connected to the language, and thai statistics and how trade is connected to this language. The main religion in Thailand is Buddhism,but there are other religions in Thailand.The other religions in Thailand are Christianity,Hinduism,and Sikhism. There are plenty of interesting topics when it comes to Thailand’s religion but their Gods are are the most prominent in historical records.Linguistics show that the thai language is closely intertwined with Buddhism.

Buddhism is a path of practice and spiritual development leading to insight into the true nature of reality.Buddhism is different from other religions because there is no God in Buddhism.The cultures that speak Thai are mainly in Thailand, but there are small groups of people in the US,the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore. The education in Thai is provided by the Thai government.It starts with preschool and ends with senior high school.”A free twelve year education is guaranteed by the constitution and a minimum of nine year school attendance is mandatory.” The statistics for Thai are 50 million people speak Thai which is 85% of the population. There are 74 languages that are spoken in Thai and the total trade amount for Thai is 32.

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9 billion.We have come to the conclusion that Thai is connected to a religion,and there are not many countries that speak Thai. There is education in Thai,and the statistics are how many people speak Thai and how many languages there are in Thai.One thing that I found unique in Thai was the art.

The traditional art is composed of Buddhist art.”Traditional Thai paintings usually consist of book illustrations,and painted ornamention of buildings such as palaces and temples.” Their is not just art in Thai their are paintings to.”Very few old paintings remain rare due to Thai’s tropical climate and the habit of Burmese invaders of laying waste to Thai’s cultural treasures.” The art in Thai is a very traditional art. The paintings are mostly about the Buddhism religion, or the paintings are palaces or temples.

The government in Thai has three branches of government Executive,Legislative,Judicial.”The Executive branch of government is headed up by the Prime Minister”.This branch consist of the Prime minister, the ministers of the various ministries,deputy ministers,and the permanent officials of the various ministries of the government. “The Prime Minister is selected by the House of Representatives,with the President of the House of Representatives submitting a recommendation to the King for appointment.The Prime Minister is the “Head of Government”.The Legislative branch is “the law-making arm of the government,charged with primary responsibility for adoption of laws govern Thai society.

The full legal name for the legislative branch is the National Assembly.”The House of Representatives,which is known as the lower house of parliament,under the new constitution will consist of 400 members of parliament directly elected from single-member districts and 100 members selected from party lists with selection determined by the percentage of votes each of the major parties received in the elections. “The Judicial branch of the government consists of all courts of Thailand.The courts are independent bodies,intended to serve as a check and balance on both Executive and Legislative branches of government.


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