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            One of the criminological theories that I chose is theChoice theory. According to the choice theory, people commit crime when thebenefits of breaking the law outweighs the negative consequences.

The criminal carefullyplans the crime and considers their personal factors before deciding if thecrime is worth committing. My opinion of the choice theory is that I think manypeople who are trying to decide whether to commit the crime or not go throughthis thought process. In other words, I believe many people think about committingcrimes but they don’t because the consequences are too harsh. However, forexample, if a person really needed some money so they decided to rob someone becausethey knew they could get away with it then the benefit outweighed the punishment.They carefully considered the benefits and cost before committing the crime.Anothercriminological theory is the Psychodynamic theory. This theory suggests that achild’s development during early childhood has a major impact on their behaviorfor the rest of their life.

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Additionally, criminals are compelled by subliminalthought processes that urges their criminal behavior. Personally I do believethat a child’s development in early life will have an impact on their behavior.Also, I believe that children need to be in the right environment withsupportive and loving parents that help them grow psychologically. I do believethat early development could have an effect on future behavior that maypotentially lead to criminal activity.Anothercriminological theory is the Biochemical theory. This theory suggests thatcriminal activity, specifically violence is a result of that person’s hormones,diet, vitamin balance, and food allergies.

In other words, an imbalance in anyof these has been shown to result in antisocial behavior and mentalimpairments. Personally I believe that all of these categories are very importantto maintain and if they are not then it could result in some abnormal behavior.Additionally, any mental impairments a person may have could definitely result inthat individual making unwise choices.


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