One for their outstanding customer support. Their affiliate

One of the reasons why marketers love affiliate marketing is because it is easy to measure. Maybe that is why a lot of money is getting spent on it. By 2020, the spending is expected to reach $ 6.82 billion.

eMarketer Affiliate Marketing Tools

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More investment in affiliate marketing means more workload and an increase in the need for affiliate marketing tools and software. In this post, we will talk about 31 of the best affiliate marketing tools which can make marketers’ lives easier.


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Affiliate Marketing Tools for Tracking

#1. Everflow
everflow Affiliate Marketing Tools

Everflow is probably one of the best affiliate marketing tools. It gives you real-time affiliate analytics.

With Everflow, you have fraud protection across clicks, impressions, conversions, and post-conversion activities. Their FlowXchange feature gives you full control via a rule engine and also automates your campaign.

#2. LinkTrust
linktrust Affiliate Marketing Tools

LinkTrust is known for their outstanding customer support. Their affiliate marketing tool is customizable.

This gives you access to the payouts, content, and also analytics from ads, devices, products, and even offers.

Their customizable interface allows you to track all types of ads through pixels, server posts, cookies, mobile traffic, and more.


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#3. AffTrack
afftrack Affiliate Marketing Tools

The unique thing about Afftrack is that it’s the only tool in the market who provides unlimited clicks for all its packages. These days they are even offering fully loaded service for 3 months just at $1 to the new subscribers.

They also provide unlimited affiliates and offers.

#4. HitPath
hitpath Affiliate Marketing Tools

HitPath is a multichannel tracking platform. Their interface is simple and user-friendly. The most valuable features include a cross pub campaign accelerator, real-time tracking, and affiliate management.

HitPath is scalable and customizable too. They are known for being flexible to customer demands.


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#5. Impact Radius
impact Affiliate Marketing Tools

Impact was o Inc’s 2018 list of 5000 of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. Radius is Impact’s affiliate marketing tool. It gives you global access to affiliates and lets you manage influencers and traditional affiliates on a single platform.

This platform lets you contract with affiliates, then track the traffic and conversions. You can also credit affiliates according to your terms.

#6. ClickInc
clickinc Affiliate Marketing Tools

This advanced affiliate tracking software has features like a built-in affiliate contact tool, an alert when any affiliate drops you, and more. It also helps you gain the SERP rankings using your affiliates.

Their TruLink feature doesn’t need any affiliate ids anymore. It tracks everything from the registered URLs of affiliates.


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#7. HasOffers
hasoffers Affiliate Marketing Tools

Affiliate marketing tool, HasOffers, also provides unlimited affiliates. It has great tracking metrics and 99% tracking uptime. It also offers insights and purchase processes.

This tool can also provide you with leads. This is especially beneficial for agencies handling client accounts.

#8. Voluum
voluum Affiliate Marketing Tools

Voluum’s key features include a state of the art reporting tool, not to mention the real-time reporting, and 20 standard and 10 custom data points about the page visitors.

It also includes direct tracking pixels and CPC, CPM, and CPA cost models.


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#9. Cake
getcake Affiliate Marketing Tools

Journey is Cake’s affiliate marketing tool for tracking. It helps you optimize your spending based on positional and data-driven values of key steps in the customer journey.

It also integrates seamlessly with other marketing tools.

#10. Post Affiliate Pro
postaffiliatepro Affiliate Marketing Tools

According to their clients, getting started with Post Affiliate Pro is easy. They also have great customer support.

Their key features include fraud protection and accurate tracking. They also accept all types of affiliate links and allow multiple currencies.


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#11. Adplexity
adplexity Affiliate Marketing Tools

This is one of the most popular tools for ad intelligence. You can keep track of your competitors’ profitable ads. And you get desktop, mobile, and native options for all of your traffic needs.

You can also keep track of your competitors’ ecommerce products and stores.

#12. WhatRunsWhere
whatrunswhere Affiliate Marketing Tools

WhatRunsWhere makes sure you spend every penny on advertising wisely. It gives you actionable insights into your digital strategy.

With WhatRunsWhere, you get access to 60 million ads across 7 countries. Here you get fresh data every day so that you can plan your strategies with complete accuracy.


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Affiliate Marketing Network Tools

#13. Flippa
flippa Affiliate Marketing Tools

Flippa is a marketplace where you buy and sell websites. You may discover new business opportunities here or maybe an opportunity to sell your business.

Every day on Flippa, you can choose to buy from a list of 5000 fresh business and websites. Every month $5 million worth of businesses are sold on Flippa.

#14. Awin
awin Affiliate Marketing Tools

Awin is an affiliate marketing network of 13,000 advertisers, 100,000 publishers. No wonder they also provide valuable market insights in forms of whitepapers, podcasts etc.

HP, Emirates, AliExpress, Forbes are some of the big names on their client list.


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#15. ShareASale
shareasale Affiliate Marketing Tools

ShareASale is a platform where merchants and affiliates can meet and do business. Their cutting-edge technology makes usage seamless for customers.

In 2017, Awin acquired ShareASale and gave it international exposure.

#16. Thirsty Affiliates
thirstyaffiliates Affiliate Marketing Tools

At Thirsty Affiliates, bloggers not only list themselves but they also earn money. Therefore, for marketers, it’s easier to get active affiliates here.

Thirsty Affiliates proactively fixes your broken front end links. It also provides an alternate destination for international clicks.


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Affiliate Marketing Tools for Research

#17. Keyword Spy
keywordspy Affiliate Marketing Tools

Keyword Spy is a keyword research and keyword competitive intelligence tool. With this tool, you can conduct keyword research and you get real-time tracking, affiliate intelligence, and more.

It also shows you profitable keywords with suitable ad copy. For ad copy, you can also detect the ROI. It helps you monitor SEM performance and measure SEO strategies.

#18. Google Marketing Platform
marketingplatform Affiliate Marketing Tools

The Google Marketing Platform is your one-stop marketing solution. It has unique solutions for small businesses and enterprises. The best features include Display and Video 360, Analytics 360, Data Studio, Tag manager 360, Optimize 360, Search ad 360, and Surveys 360.

Being a Google product, it is super easy-to-use and self-explanatory.


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#19. SEMrush
semrush Affiliate Marketing Tools

SEMrush one of the most popular keyword research search engine marketing tools. It helps you get paid and social media traffic strategy in a jiffy.

With SEMrush, you can get competitive intelligence, backlink audits and analytics, and best-performing post data at your fingertips. You can even use SEMrush for your content strategy as well.

#20. Ahrefs
ahrefs Affiliate Marketing Tools

Ahrefs provides you with insights on your competitors’ performance. It helps you with a set of tools for keyword research, competitive analysis, backlink research, rank tracking, content research, and web monitoring.

Marketers from Shopify, Uber, Netflix, Adobe, LinkedIn, and Facebook trust Ahrefs as an essential tool for keywords, content, and SEM.


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#21. Keyword Planner
Keyword Planner Affiliate Marketing Tools

Google’s Keyword Planner is a great guide for all your keyword needs, and it’s free.

The Keyword Planner give you the most relevant keywords for your business. You can get the search volume and the suggested bid for each keyword. Create your ad groups according to keywords and share with other concerned people in your team.

#22. SEO Spider
screamingfrog Affiliate Marketing Tools

Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider tool is a big hit with marketers. It will crawl your website instantly and find any broken links.

Discover duplicate content if you have any, and analyze page titles and metadata. Connect it with Google Analytics to understand all of your user data better.


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Affiliate Marketing Tools for Content Ideas

#23. BuzzSumo
buzzsumo Affiliate Marketing Tools

With BuzzSumo, all of your content anxieties are taken care of. Find out what content is doing the best, and on which platform. Find out who the publisher or the content creator is, or even the influencer who created it.

If you have a topic in mind, or a particular website, you can use that to search for content details. Expedia, HubSpot, Yahoo, and IBM are a few of the big names who are using BuzzSumo.

#24. Content Idea Generator
content idea generator Affiliate Marketing Tools

You can use Quandary’s Content Idea Generator for fresh content ideas. Answer some simple questions about your product and services and the Content Idea Generator will generate ideas in less than a second.

Be it an article, blog post, social media post, ebook, white-paper, or press release, the Content Idea Generator has ideas for all of them.


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Affiliate Marketing Tools to Manage Social Media

#25. Buffer
buffer Affiliate Marketing Tools

Schedule your social media content with Buffer. What to publish, when to publish, and where to publish. Once done, engage with your audience with Buffer. Use every opportunity to make a connection with your customers.

Lastly, analyze your efforts with Buffer and make improvements.

#26. Followerwonk
follower wonk Affiliate Marketing Tools

Compare your social graphs with others. With Followerwonk, you can connect with relevant influencers. Get a detailed follower-analysis, location, bio, and who they follow. You can even sort followers using account age, number of followers, followings, and tweets.

Have one place for all of your social accounts. Also, share your reports with other stakeholders.


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#27. Bitly
bitly Affiliate Marketing Tools

You can use Bitly to shorten URLs for your social media posts but Bitly has more to offer. Here, you can use your custom links to analyze campaign performance across channels and locations.

This affiliate marketing tool helps you build a personalized customer experience, and at a large scale.

#28. LinkTrack
linktrack Affiliate Marketing Tools

With LinkTrack, you can track your link’s performance with ease and accuracy. You get unlimited links and clicks with a premium subscription.

You can use your own brand domain name for tracking links. Also, get a real-time updates on traffic sources.


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#29. ClickMeter
clickmeter Affiliate Marketing Tools

ClickMeter provides you insights by monitoring and comparing your links so that you can increase your conversion rate.

With ClickMeter, just create your link, use it in your ads, and generate real-time reports. If you are an agency, share your reports directly with your clients from ClickMeter.

Affiliate Marketing Tools for Better Headlines

#30. CoSchedule
coschedule Affiliate Marketing Tools

Create great headlines with CoSchedule. The headline is what drives traffic and increases engagement. Type your headline and analyze its potential. Apart from headline, CoSchedule offers a platform for your marketing strategy. You can manage your social media marketing, email marketing, all in one place.


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#31. Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer
aminstitute Affiliate Marketing Tools

Advanced Marketing Institute is a free tool that analyzes your headline to determine its Emotional Marketing Value or EMV score. It also allows only 20 words for a headline so that it looks crisp and compact.

It also digs deeper and sees if the headline is effective intellectually, empathetically, or spiritually.

Marketing Made Easy

With these tools in hand, your affiliate marketing will be more effective than ever before. Keep this post handy while selecting your affiliate marketing tools so that you can find the best tools for your business.

Which tools are you using for your affiliate marketing endeavors? Please let us know in the comment section below.


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