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One of the problems that could occur when retrieving information that has been stored physically is that you might not be able to find the file. This could be because it has been misfiled.

For example, it may have been put into the wrong cabinet or the wrong section of the right cabinet. This could happen because the name may be double barrelled and placed into the wrong letter of the alphabet depending on how the certain individual decides to place it by the start of either of the names. If this happened, the best way to get around it would to just ask if anyone had seen it recently and get all offices to search for it in case it has been sent somewhere else. However, in order to stop this from happening, staff should follow the systems and procedures set by the business so that files don’t get misplaced or lost.Another problem with physical storing is that they could be damaged in the event of something like a flood or a fire. However, offices are supposed to have fireproof cabinets in order to minimise the likelihood of something like this affecting the information that is stored.

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On the other hand, information can be stored electronically. The bonus about this is that the information is easily found and can’t be misplaced, as such. However, the problem with storing things electronically is that it can be corrupted by viruses.

This means that if a virus is caught it can attack files and potentially make it impossible to access or retrieve them. This can be prevented by making sure all computers have firewalls and are all up to date with anti-virus apps and updates which allows us to be are when emails or websites are unsafe.


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