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One of the most important skills that I have is teamwork, teamwork is a crucial part of a business as it is often for colleagues within the same company to work together as in a group to try to perform their best in any given circumstances. I believe that my skills of teamwork has been demonstrated since I was in Junior high up to now, my latest team work experience happened during my Internship at Bank Central Asia where I was able to try to cooperate, using my own individual skills and providing contructive feedback within my team despite any conflicts between the members on an ongoing project that I was placed in. Second skill that I have is able to work under pressure, working under pressure is about keeping calm in a crisis and not becoming to stressed about it or too overwhelmed about it, I was working on my thesis while I was interning at BCA. To me, those 2 combinations are quite deadly. Deadlines from BCA has to be met and so do the deadlines from my thesis advisor, in times like that it is important to stay calm and keep on focusing on the things that I do and keep on trying my best to meet the deadlines.


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