One Herbals of course form the main

One of the major difficulties for undertaking medicinal plants cultivation in large scale i.e. the lack of scientific and appropriate agro technology for different climate zones. Experimental cultiva­tion has been carried out nor in several places, but the recommended commercial practices have been neither worked out nor tested on industrial scale.
Herbals of course form the main stay of the material Medica of traditional medicine and are thus attracting much attention. In addition there are some societal concerns which add to the grow­ing interest in plant drugs; their raw environment. There is thus now a global interest in the plant drugs.

Quality control of herbal medicines is com­plicated and difficult, and high-technology could be of valuable support. However, when country capacity is limited, continued use of dependable basic technical methods and tests is recommended.

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1. Governments should provide adequate sup­port for clinical studies, since there are few clinical studies and appropriate approaches for the assessment of efficacy. WHO should provide technical guidance of appropriate approaches for clinical studies and assessment of efficacy of herbal medicines.

2. Traditional medicine plays an important role in primary health care in many developing countries and countries should consider cat­egorizing herbal medicines based on avail­able knowledge and the literature.

Relevant appropriate requirements should be estab­lished for the assessment of safety and effi­cacy for different categorized herbal medi­cines to reduce cost and expenditure and meet demands of accessibility and affordability.

3. A challenge for national health authorities is the lack of research information and data on herbal medicines. Sharing national informa­tion and experience, as well as setting up com­mon accepted standards through bilateral rec­ognition and through international.


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