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One of the main challenges in the psychology of health is the issue of the importance of compliance with the medical indications of patients with a chronic disease. This is known as therapeutic adherence or adherence to treatment. Failure on the part of the patient has medical, social, family and health implications for patients, especially those suffering from chronic diseases, and worse if it is a rare disease (ER). This situation directly affects the increase in the cost of health care. A patient who does not adhere to his treatment, not only affects the monetary cost that represents for the family but also, is at risk of presenting greater complications due to his illness, increasing the costs in medical care. In addition, there is also a cost in the health and quality of life of the patient and his family.

The therapeutic adherence is considered a category of the psychology of health, for its study and intervention, it is necessary to consider the subjective aspects and the behavior that encompasses it. This phenomenon is complex, multidimensional and multifactorial and it is necessary to study it to understand the role of the person’s behavior in this health-disease process.

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The way in which people face the disease and the ways of behaving before it is a factor of importance in the course of the disease. Whether or not a patient complies with the prescriptions of his doctor is paramount in the course, evolution, and prognosis of his condition. It is evident that those people who are able to adhere adequately to the treatments and new regimens in their behavior, that the disease demands for their control and good evolution, will be able to reach a better quality in their life.

Generally, a large part of medical treatments are the responsibility of the patient, and he can exercise autonomy in their management, and control, this can be a serious problem. Since the deficiencies and omissions when following medical prescriptions, exacerbate health problems and favor the progression of diseases, making it impossible to estimate the effects and value of a treatment, hindering the prognosis and causing a considerable increase in the cost of health care.


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