One grandmother Theme of journey Discusses tragedy of

One more to lake
Serves as a setting for past and present
“White reflects on his own childhood when his father would take him to the lake. He then explains that now he is taking his own son to that very same lake.”
“Dual existence” = cannot distinguish himself from his son (lost to the setting, suffering an identity crisis)
Non-linear (non-chronological) — white weaves in and out of past vs present — follows the flow of his mental process
Emotional reflection on the passage of time (theme)
Reflects on the power of memory and mortality
Cannot distinguish the memory from the current experience
(theme) time continues to pass
Soon he will die like his father (passing time) — he will become just a memory
Themes — aging, death, passage of time
Compares his adulthood to his sons youth
Way to a rainy mountain
Appeal to sense (moon, trees by creek, big dipper = sense of sight)
The preservation of an oral tradition also preserves a culture’s identity. (main idea)
Descriptive an narrative
Relates his feelings of the rainy mountain to his grandmother
Theme of journey
Discusses tragedy of the kiowas
Attempts to preserve and promote kiowa culture
Rather than focus on death, focuses on positives??
Focuses on optimism rather than tragedy
Focuses on only the past rather than present
Uses many devices (simile, metaphor, etc.) = examples?? Cite and relate

Discuss inevitable death/solemn
Appeal to the senses
Both discuss the preservation of memories/traditions
Discuss nature but in different ways??

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