once individuals are still utilized by the

once statistics are evidently illustrating its potential its tiring to fight against robots.in dongguan city a chinese factory gives a latest proof where it tells that 90 of human workforce is replaced with robots in the factory and they saw a very drastic and positive changes in the in productivity where 250 increases and defects drop by 80. there was a time when almost 650 human workers were needed in precision technology companys factory to produce cell phones. now the industrial plant is surpass sixty automaton arms that job round the clock across ten production lines. solely sixty individuals are still utilized by the corporate 3 are assigned to envision and monitor the assembly line and therefore the tasked for other is watching computer management systems. by humans no remaining work is left to handle by the machines. according to luo weiqiang head of the works the amount of individuals utilizedmay drop to only twenty and given the amount of potency achieved by automation it wont be long before alternative factories follow in their footsteps.


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