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On Thursday, Dec12 2015, the global stadium hosted The Safi Café performances. The shore was set to start at 2:00pm and ended late in the night. At first I saw it was going to be so boring with an endless waste of time until the group arrived and more fans streaming in. Thereafter, I and other Safi case lover’s will agree that it was a glorious moment at the global stadium.

The performance in that evening was done in a three piece by the eight Safi ensembles. The three featured songs that night are; worlds wreck, love built it all and tomorrow must be better. Each song done by varied number of presenters except for the third, the last piece which was done by the whole group.The great time started out with The love built it all.

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It was performed by four presenters; Marry Ann, Jacob Sanny, Wilson Hussein and Philp Ibel. It started with a crescendo and a polyphonic texture, this activated the audience and created a happy mood. The pitch was moderate marrying with the tempo. I loved this as the words and meaning were binging out a real world.

The audience on the other hand could tell out of their glamorous faces. The basses and the piano were done simultaneously. The basses were played at a strong loud sound at the same time die down and then the piano would be heard loudest then slow as the basses pick up again. This produced a sweet smooth outcome but I did not like the traditional guitar, to me the electrical ones would have done best. The decrescendos marked the end followed by a loud applause from the audience. The piece was more about the great things that love can do but we tend to ignore. The next piece was the world’s wreck.

This had six presenters. Among them was an old man that most of us wondered which part could he be performing. This group had diversified in their instruments. The old man the trumpeting and immediately each of them positioned themselves strategically. In harmony they start up the song with a quick triple time tempo and a medium pitch. The pitch and the tempo did aline perfectly with the drum, piano and bassist rhythm. The old man seemed to be familiar with the chord progression, an unexpected thing by the audience. Him and another young man did a great back up in melodizing.

Moreover, the pianist and the drummer along were so skilled in both their work and in keeping time. The performance came to a sudden end that I did not expect it to be so. But it was a nice ending.

The whole audience was captivated and you could tell it was a wonderful performance from the reactions resulted from the sudden end. I felt it was too short to end and that the performance be repeated but this was beyond my choices.Tomorrow must be better was the last piece. For this, the whole group did the presentation. It was a choral verse and the drums and trumpet served large than other instruments.

At its start both homophonic and polyphonic texture built a marvelous environment that I could not wait to feel its completion part. The whole team was so keen to keep up the drum bits with the relevant gestures. What I like most are their facial expressions. They would wear a real sad face when thinking what they are currently undergoing and then feel the joy with rejuvenated faces at the thought; tomorrow will be better if only the press on harder.

This to some extent would touch the audience, you could see this on their faces as some would even shade tears. I could not miss to recognize their amazing attires which suit well the dancing part of the song. Towards the end, the choral was done in solos depending on their singing voices. The mezzo-soprano and alto did best of all voices. Thereafter, the last lyric was sung in harmony and this marked the end of it as well as the end of the whole performance. This was a fantastic show and I can’t compare it with their previous shows that I attended. However, for the first and second piece, the electrical bass guitars would have worked best than the traditional ones.

Also the stage camouflaging costumes were not so appealing, this could have done best in the first song and may be have a brighter costume for the second song. On the choral verse, I expected it have a polyphenol texture at the end but the homophonic one was a shock. I think it wasn’t a nice ending considering that it was a harmonization of all voices and they should a thorough revisit on the same come next time. Otherwise the show was nice beyond expectations of many.

This was evident as the whole crowd applauded and a sigh of relieve as they had hope near the grave. I loved the moment and I hope they adjust and rectify the few mistakes.


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