On curriculum would prove to be beneficial because

On specific outcomes as a whole, the student will be expected to demonstrate cognitive skills in critically analyzing cyber warfare scenarios and also overcoming typical ethical challenges while maintaining network security.

Students will be expected to identify risk factors found in the network environment and BYOD policies with regard to requirements and limitations when they are in use in the workplace or at school. They should learn and understand different kinds of remote and local access attacks which pose threats to the network. In addition to the awareness, students are active on social media and therefore would learn how to engage on these platforms and avoid being attacked or cyber bullied online. This curriculum is comprehensive as to what the student needs to understand starting from understanding the basics of cyber security up contingency plan in the event that a disaster happens. The specific outcomes are expected to be measured on the student as to the level of knowledge the student would have acquired after finishing the course or module.

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This curriculum would prove to be beneficial because it will guide students on handling online transactions and how to guard against their devices which would enrich the community. Specific outcomes will clearly communicating expectations to students, assisting them, and their advisors, in matching courses and requirements on cyber safety awareness. Under topic one, students are expected to learn the fundamentals of cyber safety beginning from introduction so that they have a clear understanding of what is entailed in the cyber safety environment. The student will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of physical foundation comprising of cables and satellite paths providing communication information together with routers which provides routes to their destinations. Student will also learn the logical building block that includes software such as smartphone apps, web browsers or operating systems allowing the physical foundation to communicate. In addition to this, there is a variable called people who are involved in manipulating information, communicating and designing the physical and logical components of cyber space. The students should have wider knowledge on how designing of cyber components is done.

All the risks associated with cyber security should be well identified and known at the same time with the knowledge on how to avoid them after the first topic is covered. The protocols and platforms on which cyber space operates on should be understood and identified.On topic two, the student is expected to demonstrate and understanding on various risks associated with cyber safety.

High profile attacks on corporate servers are usually activated from external sources but with the help of an inside source that creates openings to allow cyber attackers to infect databases which can potentially bring down the organization’s server. Therefore students are required to understand different types of insider threats. The student needs to demonstrate understand on the implications of BYOD into companies or schools since unauthorized applications can pose a threat in affecting the integrity of data contained in the device. Student has understand the emerging trends along the BYOD and how it can be used safely without increasing the rate of cyber security threats to information as these devices could be jail broken. On topic three, the student will be expected to understand the movement in cyber space as to how information travels along the communication channels to social media such as media posts, financial transfers or video downloads. This information is downloaded and stored either on computers, smartphones or public or private cloud media storage services.

Cyber conflicts have brought a lot of changes as compared to the ones preceding them in the modern warfare. Student is also expected to understand how cyber security impacts on social media and its significance.


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