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On March 6, 2017, President Donald Trump issued the Executive Order 13780, which protects the nation from foreign terrorist into the united states. Trump wanted a complete shutdown of the entrance of Muslims into the United States. It was said that custom officers were completely blindsided when the Trump Administration drafted the order without legal review. In order for the Americans to be protected from those who bared hostile attitudes towards the United States and its founding principles the order was needed. National foreigners who did not who did not support the Constitution or place violent ideas over the American law should not be admitted entry into the United States.

Those who engaged in acts of hatred, such as honoring the killings or violence against women should not be allowed entry as well. By implementing the executive order, Donald Trump was trying to test out the order before putting one in place. Before implementing the Executive Order 13780, Donald issued Executive Order 13769.

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The purpose for Trump issuing the executive order was stated in section one. Donald pointed out how the visa-issuance played a critical role in distinguishing individuals with ties to terrorist and bringing an end to those people entering the United States. Trump supported this by mentioning the September 11th terrorist attack in New York.

The State Department policy prevented consular officers from appropriately inspecting the visa applications of the nineteen-foreign nationalist who murdered at least three thousand Americans. After the September 11th attack visa-issuance processing was reviewed and amended to better help protect the united states from another attack, by detecting possible terrorist from receiving visas. Donald Trump felt that more measures needed to be taken. For ninety days the entry of certain people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen was suspended. Students who were already admitted to the United States for school, workers who accepted an offer of employment for a U.S employer, and lecturers who were invited to address an American audience were all exempt from the ninety-day ban.

Those seven countries had been identified as countries presenting heavy concerns about terrorism and travel to the United States. In Iraq or Syria, congress restricted the use of the Visa Wavier Program. Donald Trump abused power by arguing that he had the right to make the discussion because Article II of the Constitution. As president, if Donald Trump finds entrance into the United States by any class aliens would be unfavorable to the welfares of the United States, he can if necessary by proclamation for that time put a hold onto the entrance of all aliens or any class aliens as immigrants or no immigrants. The Secretary of State and the Secretary of Homeland Security were granted authorization to allow case-by-case waivers when they clarified that it was in the national awareness to do so. The USRAP was put off for one hundred and twenty days, Trump contended that terrorist groups wanted to infiltrate numerous nations through refugee programs. The order allowed arrangement of refugee entitlements from affiliates of religious minority groups, the order was not discriminating against members of the dissimilar religions.

The countries were not chosen at random, Donald Trump had reason for picking those specific countries. For example, Iran and Syria are both designated for the sponsorship of terrorist since the year 1984 and 1979. Even today Iran still supports many terrorist groups, Iran did not cooperate with the United States in efforts of counterterrorism. The government of Syria is devoted in an ongoing military struggle against those who regulate portions of the country as well as ISIS. The executive order angered many people, that the parties tried to sue immediately to block the ban.

Which did not help stop the implementation of the order. There were protest and riots full of people wo were against the executive order. A federal judge in the city of New York granted an impermanent injunction, allowing people who had ownership of a green card who were in fact legal residents be unconstrained from detentions in airports.

Attorneys who specialized in immigration law contended that the order was unconstitutional and that they would not stop the battle in court. There was a delay in the order, due to it being halted by a court order that applied nationwide also extending to foreign nationals with no prior relations to the United States of America. 2017 of February the United States Court of Appeals for the ninth circuit did not accept to stay or narrow the order. The United States Court of Appeals believed that the political branches should have been more equipped to make appropriate decisions about who should be covered by the entry suspension and the admissions of refugee. Once foreign nationals enter the United States from those seven countries, it is difficult to remove them due to many other countries not wanting to look more into the issue or pay mind to the travel documents. The risk of authorizing entrance into the United States from one of the seven countries that would purposely try to commit terrorist outbreaks or bring harm to the national security in any way was unacceptably high. Since the year 2001, many born abroad had been imprisoned of terrorism-related crimes in the United States.

Iraq was considered a distinct case, portions of Iraq has remained an active combat zone. In the year 2013 of January two of Iraq’s very own had entered the United States as refugees in the year 2009. It was reported by the Attorney General that more than three hundred refugees who entered the United States are currently subjects of counterterrorism investigations.Putting a ban on the seven countries only made things worse for the United States. It could possibly cause war in the near future. There is plenty of ways President Donald Trump could have protected the United States from foreign terrorist.

Terrorist do not exactly have to be from different countries. There is terrorist in the United States that may have gone unnoticed or may not look like they are in fact a terrorist. A solution to protecting the United States from terrorist attacks would be checking more into a person when they are applying for a visa or green card. For example, if someone from the country Iraq would want entry to the United States, you should do a background check on that person and give them a series of text before they could enter. If the background checks were clean and the test was passed, then the person would have the opportunity to have entrance into the United States.

Another solution could possibly be giving foreign nationalist a temporary fifteen or twenty-day period into the United States in an area designated for them before giving them an actual visa or green card. If they are placed in a designated area for temporary stay you would be able to tell a terrorist from someone who just wants to become a United States citizen. I would promote these solutions instead of the ban by using an emotional appeal. These solutions could create jobs for many people who want to work and take care of their families or someone who is homeless get back on their feet. Hiring workers to administer the test of the background checks instead of using homeland security would better protect the United States as well. Homeland security time would not be wasted so much on looking into who has a visa or green cards of those from the seven countries. President Donald Trump issuing the Executive Order 19769 to protect the United States from foreign terrorist by banning seven countries could have been implemented a different way.


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