On internal stakeholders, and identified their top concerns.

On every corporation, there are seemingly countless internal and external stakeholders, each of which has different needs, opinions, and roles. Much research has been done in this area I other to identify and categorize these stakeholders, and their levels of power and influence, and interacting with them to the benefit of the corporation. The concerns, risk tolerance, and expectations of the stakeholder vary according to their position and role in the project organization. These stakeholders will have different levels of interest and investment (both financial and non-monetary) in project outcomes.

Each stakeholder likely has specific concerns about the management and delivery of the project. In order to understand how different stakeholder groups, define project performance or success, and to develop appropriate reporting which addresses the concerns of these stakeholder groups, this research considered project success from the different perspectives of a subset of individual internal stakeholders, and identified their top concerns. Discussion about those concerns led to conclusions about how they could impact project performance.

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