On adapting AWS (Amazon Web Services) as the cloud

the topic of adopting cloud in the business, there have been some major
consequences. The Sharing and collaboration, cost reduction, reliability, use
and convenience and security and privacy have been facilitated. Below are some
of the impacts that were supported by the literature.  The big plus point
for a small business employees would be the easy access of their data and
working outside the actual office location. The cloud computing solution would
be made necessary by the increased number of online transactions and by the
need for employees to have access from remote locations.  A convenient
monthly fee have been imposed for the SMEs clients where the cloud technologies
have been used by the accountants for SMEs. From any organization, any geographical
location and from any device the access would be permitted and the
administrative overhead would be eliminated with the help of cloud approach.
The simple web-based interface like AWS Management console Less powerful was an
example of the company’s backend IT systems where the devices such as
smartphones and netbooks have been able to make the most of it.

For small type of firms there have been huge cost savings due to the
subscription model.  Large amount of computing power consumption has been
lowered, where the access cost for small firms have been utilized from the
business analytics and intelligence.  Because of adapting AWS (Amazon Web
Services) as the cloud vendor, cost reduction of 70% have been observed.
 Instead of the absence of competitive forces over the past three years,
AWS has reduced their prices a couple of times. The enterprise applications
such as SCM (Supply Chain Management) tool and CRM (Customer Relationship
Management) have been afforded by the small businesses because of the per user
revenue model.  An inexpensive cost has been provided to the entry of players
because the computing power as an article of trade was considered

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