Omar inclusive of on-ground energy and water efficiency

Omar Al Nuaimi -We begun on 25 October 1985,where we flew our initial flight path out of dubai with two aircrafts a Boeing737 and an Airbus 300 B4. The globetrotting of a thousand miles begun with asingle step from then on, in the years since taking those first small stepsonto the regional travel scene. We have a relatively young fleet of around 265aircrafts and fly to over 155 destinations across 80 countries and our networkis augmenting persistently.  Q2. Pertaining to aircraft movement, howmany flights arrive and depart on a year-round basis?Omar Al Nuaimi – Regarding airline operations,Our A380s alone have made around 91 000 round trip flights around the world.

Wealso hold a world record for the longest flight distance from Auckland (AKL) toDubai (DXB) 17h 15m.  Q3. How has Emirates facilitated itself asan environmentally responsible corporation?Omar Al Nuaimi –At emirates we have a host ofinitiates inclusive of on-ground energy and water efficiency projects, recyclinginitiatives as well such as conservation based tourism, Dubai desert conservationreserve in the UAE and Wolgan valley resort in Australia. We have also new lightweightand fuel-efficient shuttle busses between Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai, they arealso more comfortable with modern seats and exits, and extra baggage storage.Our airlines overall fuel efficiency improved 1% to 0.

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3057 per tonne kilometremore efficient than the IATA fleet average fuel efficiency and this was despitethe impact of airspace closures caused by security concerns in many parts ofthe world, which led us to fly longer routes to avoid these areas. Q4. What procedure has Emirates acquired toadminister the predicament of aircraft emissions?Omar Al Nuaimi – In terms of emissions, wehave a relatively young fleet with average of 6 years and because of our youngfleet we tend to invest on energy efficient engines, this is one way we haveestablished ourselves on the forefront of being environmentally responsible andthis is in terms of our flight operations.   Q5. Being a monumental internationalairline in the Middle East, what aircraft facsimiles have you’ll inaugurated tocurtail carbon footprint?Omar Al Nuaimi – 


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