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Of course, no one thinks of a problem in the same way, but the profitability of the companies depends on the good management of the stock, a problem that seems to be unanimous among the leaders of the company. This is what happened here, when we try to examine and examine the past and present work that deals with inventory management and the development of an economic quantity model suitable for manufacturing companies. The subject of inventory management has sparked much debate in public debates, workshops and symposia, at the local, national and international levels, between public institutions and policy makers, organizations and academics.

Various efforts have been made through the management of new businesses through projects, incentives, etc. For the organization of workshops in the field of inventory management. A study of most scripts in inventory management has some common and interesting features.

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Many of these writings deal with most of the problems associated with inventory management; others still focus on the best inventory management model.This literature review was largely based on journals, some ,owner interview and expert opinions on issues relevant to the objectives of this study. It is divided into the following items: 1. Inventory Issues 2. Inventory System 3.

Importance Inventory Management Issue 4. Economic Order5. Quantity Evaluation of the Economic 6. Batch Size Formula 7. Another Batch Formula Reduce Stocks at Risk.


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