Odebrecht countries. They have generated less than $

Odebrecht companys known as the largest construction conglomerate in Brazil and has handle a lot of biggest project all over the world. Notwithstanding, despite the vast majority of the success stories of the organization, there has been a major corruption case in the world and not only in the country but also involving other countries. They have generated less than $ 3.3 billion of corrupt activities and acquired approximately 100 projects in 12 countries. It is also the largest contributor to politicians in Brazil. Odebrecht have been arrested for engaging in the corruption of the state-run oil giant Petrobras. Many organizations concede paying rewards to politicians and authorities in return for contracts with Petrobras.

The corruption also involve their current government ministers which are foreign minister and president Michel temer’s chief of staff .However, the president denied all the accused toward him because it is just a humor in order to destroy his reputation. Likewise, Jorge Glas; who also the Ecuador vice-president was convicted of the scandal and taking $13.5m (£10.

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2m) bribes from the company had been jailed for 6 years in December 2017. In addition, politicians from worldwide are also suspected of receiving payments from odebrecht such as Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and Keiko Fujimori who were the presidential candidate for Peru in 2011. Somehow, both of them deny all the accused against them and the prosecutors is still collecting more evidence to investigate whether they involved or not in bribe scandal.

Moreover, Marcelo Odebrecht, the first CEO, Marcelo Odebrecht initiated a prison term of 19 years a year after he was alleged to have paid more than $ 30m (£ 21m) in reward to authorities in the Brazilian oil organization in response to contract and impact. More than 70 other Odebrecht officials have been jailed but have agreed with the offer to provide important information in return for a more permissible sentence. Now some of them already out of prison and serving their sentences at home. Odebrecht agreed to pay a $ 2.6bn fines for past offenses through a leeway agreement granted by Australia and American companies and the amount of fines he paid was one of the largest fines in the world.The question now is how they do the bribery? They do it through the bribery department in which through that department the employee will win the business by bribing the governmental official and politics parties.

Then, cash goes past through four financial balances in nations with the great keeping money mystery laws before achieving the collector and after that most part go-between to a man who has political influence. They only can communicate through a system that unconnected to the main computer system in order to avoid detection from the others. Lastly, they gave the recipient some codenames to identify such as Dracula in which that refer to senator Humberto costa.


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