Nursing most effective theorists of all times is

Nursing theories are important in health care, and not a lot of nurses and other health care professionals know that. Some of them think that nursing theories are only for school. Nursing theories are as important as nursing facts because without these theories, nurses would not be able to fully apply what they have learned in school. One of the most effective theorists of all times is Jean Watson for her Theory of Human Caring. Jean Watson’s three major conceptual elements are: First, transpersonal caring relationships “focuses not on ordinary care, but on a special one that relies on the following: the moral commitment of the nurse when it comes to shielding human dignity and spiritual self, and that is just one” (Marriner-Tomey and Alligood, 2006, p.

105). Second, carative factors involves ten steps include altruistic and humanistic system of values, presence of hope and love, being sensitive not only to the self but also to other people, fostering relationships that are trustworthy and helpful, expressing feelings which can either be positive or negative, being able to know how to solve problems and be caring at the same time, how to learn and how to teach in a transpersonal manner, developing a supportive environment, being able to assist the needs of fellow humans and lastly, being sensitive to forces that are spiritual, phenomenological and existential (Johnson and Bayliss, 2004, p.173). Third, the caring moment is the time when a patient and a nurse unites, fostering human caring. The two engage in human-to-human

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