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Nurse PractitionersNameInstitutionNurse Practitioners APN professionals should focus on having their resume improved. Typically, this involves the consideration of significant factors, for instance, work experience and time spent at work. The sandwich model provides both the positive as well as the constructive feedbacks which most workers can use to build their resume.

The creation of a better resume requires APN professionals to receive immediate recognition or appreciation from their employer. Besides, the corporate credit should honor an essential work activity accomplished as per the employee’s job description. For example, group collaboration may get recognized. Teamwork exemplifies positive values which most healthcare institutions should reckon.

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Constructive feedback effectuates possible criticism which provokes the APN professional to attain their projected goals. In this case, the APN professional who works as a healthcare director may showcase competency that it may become challenging to provide improvement suggestions. Consequently, whenever this APN professional needs a possible job promotion related to a specific position, for instance, the healthcare analytics, the nursing HR responsible for managing the institution’s staffing requirements may recommend the APN professional to primarily master the job description subject to the healthcare analytics position.

Moreover, the APN professional could as well honor enthusiasm because it would become quite easy to enhance continuous resume building. In the process, professionalism, competency, and work experience would get perfected through passion. Enthusiasm enforces significant benefits which allow the APN professional to direct focus towards the achievement of the coveted target, objective, or position.

Conclusively, the sandwich model may get utilized in monitoring the improvement of the resume associated with the Advanced Nursing Professional. A mix of positive and constructive feedback drawn from the sandwich model provides considerable insights which most Advanced Nursing Professionals should acknowledge.ReferencesBuppert, C. (2015). Nurse Practitioner’s Business and Legal Guide. Fifth Edition.

Burlington, MA: Jones ; Bartlett Learning. ISBN: 978-1-284-05091-2Hamric. A., Hanson. C., Tracy, M., and O’Grady. E.

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