Nowadays, experience regarding this security alarm, which

Nowadays,automobile thefts and the  vehicle productionare increasing in yearly world. Thefting the vehicle is a common problem. The owners of thevehicle have take care of  thefting  the vehicle. The motivation of this paper isto avoid the thefting of vehicle and deduction of vehicles. When the vehiclesare theft the GSM will send messages.The owner will receive the message of  their own vehicle.The owner is nowresponsible for sending the message back in effect off   thefting the vehicle.

For this reasonwhen any person is stealing the vehicle the modem in the GSM will send amessage through the microcontroller which will interrupt the vehicle.On seeing themessage the microcontroller will stop the vehicle.       Keywords: GSM modem, voltage regulation, micro controller.1.    IntroductionAseveryone in this  world prefers to makethe things easy perfect to handle, this project sets an example to some extent.In this paper we deal with the security of the vehicle. Whenever the GSM modemreceives the message from the particular mobile then the car engine getsstopped. The message received from the mobile number send to the vehiclesowners mobile number.

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. Applications such as the air-conditioner, VCD player,DVD player, printer, fax machine, mobile phone etc. are examples of embeddedsystems. Each of these appliances will have a processor and special hardware tomeet the specific requirement of the application along with the embeddedsoftware that is executed by the processor for meeting that specificrequirement. The embedded software is also called “firm ware”. Thedesktop/laptop computer is a general purpose computer.2.

      Proposed MethodPeoplesare  using  the manufacturer  security  alarm only. The thief had an experienceregarding this security alarm, which means their  work is getting  easier  to steal the car  because  they had well  known  about the alarm circuit. They know when  the time to cut off  the alarm and had well known about  the system. So, it is important todouble  protect the  security of the vehicle. Antitheft  security system  utilizes  an embedded system design  with Dual  Tone Multi  Frequency (DTMF)   and  a  GSM  to monitor  and  safeguard a vehicle. It secures the vehicleagainst theft. Upon activation, it automatically demobilizes the vehicle bydisconnecting  the  ignition key supply . This  makes  impossiblefor anybody  for starting  the vehicle in a moving time.

In an   attempt of  theft   through the vehicle  doors or  boot, the  system sends  text message to the  vehicle owner and at the same time starts upan alarm. This design popped   out  due to   the  increasing rate  at  which packed   vehicles  are stolen especially in our country, but with this design this packedvehicle is being monitor red irrespective of where it is packed,  provided there is GSM  network  coverage. Now GSM will not send message tothe vehicle and we only we can hear  thealarm from the security .

Then it is guaranteed that  the vehicle will  send text  message to his phone, and atthe same time, have people around alerted of what is happening.         Nowadays,automobile thefts are increasing and also the production of vehicle. The theft detection system of a vehicle  using GSM is as shown in the Fig.

1 and 2.      Figure-1                  Figure.2   Block Diagram for Vehicle Theft Control System Cellularsystems    using    a digital technology will becomethe universal method of  tele-communications.Short message service is a technique ofdelivery of small messages over the mobile networks. It is a store and forwardway of transmitting messages to and from mobiles. The message (text only) fromthe sending mobile is stored in a central short message center (SMS) which thenforwards it to the destination mobile. This means that in the case that therecipient is not available, the short message is stored and can be sent later.

Sincesignaling message system  used signaling  to desired channel as opposed to dedicatedchannels, these messages can be sent/received simultaneously with the voice/data/fax  through GSM network. SMS supports nationaland international roaming. This means that you can send short messages to anyother GSM mobile user around the world. With the PCS networks based on all thethree technologies, GSM, CDMA and TDMA supporting SMS, SMS is more or less auniversal mobile data service.2.1 Working ofvehicle theft DETECTION BY GSMThe theft detection of the vehicle using GSM involve  Vibration Sensor,Ignition Lock,Microcntroller,LCD display,GSM Modem & Buzzer.

The  embeddedsystem  installed  in the engine of the vehicle along with theGSM modem. By entering  a correct  password the instrument allows to activate the12v relay and then ignition of the engine will  start. Hence starts the vehicle. If anyonetries to  access  the  vehiclespassword  or  theft  the  vehicle , then the MCU  will block  the  entry  of  further  password. Then  the buzzer will turned on to create a noise  to  panic  the  culprit,  followed  by sending a message “Alert: Car Is UnderThreat”   through  GSM   modem  to  the  owner’s  mobile  for  further  action  for prevention  of his vehicle. According to the prototypemodel after entering correct password  the  Fan will move and at  the same time, according to the instruction itwill  run  forward for 10 sec and backward for10 sec likean automobile. Password can be c hanged by the following proper procedure.

  First enter  # , then  enter the old  password ,  then  new  password.  Now  test,  whether  the  new password  is working or not.  As per  algorithm given  below the new password will retain even after  power  failure.So  it  will work  as usual. The source code  is  written  in the embedded C language. To develop thesource code the flow chart of the project is shown in the figure below 3.

Figure-3: Flow chart for vehicle theftcontrol system by using GSM3.     RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS  This  GSM  based  vehicle  theft control  system retrieves vehicle status is  whether it  is  in theft mode.  This  data  is fed  to  the  microcontroller, which  is interfaced  to  a  GSM modem. The  microcontroller generates  the vibrations and sends  an SMS tothe concerned authority over GSM modem  on periodical interv alls which is set by  the  user.An  LCD display is connected to themicrocontroller for  crossing  the data received  before  beingsent over GSM. This project  will be very useful  to  people  tokeep  track of their vehicles. Further,this project can be developed  by  making  an  arrangementto stop the  ignition  of the vehicle by the owner  remotely by sending an SMS in theftsituations.  The  kitconsists  of  an  ARMController, Relay circuit, GSM Module and LCD Display  are  interfaced on  a single  board and  embedded  on single board which  is embedded  to  a vehicle  as a  control unit.

The relay is connected to theVehicle  Engine Unit of  the Automobile When “OFF” message sent by theowner of the  vehicle to the  mobile embedded  in the control unit, the controller displaysthe  message  in  theLCD  as shown in the Fig.4.and  invokes the  relay that is connected  to  engine of the vehicle   stop theflow of  fuel  by making the engine to be locked. Fig.4:Engine OFF Message Similarly  when “ON”  the owner of the vehicle will send a message to  the mobile embedded  in  the control unit, the controller displays  the message in the LCD is shown in the Fig.

5 and  allows the fuel  flow by unlocking the vehicle engine. Fig.5 Engine ON Message4.

     CONCLUSIONIn this paper wehave studied and implemented a complete working model using a Microcontroller.Using this project, one can control his vehicle’s car engine by means of anSMS. The main purpose of this paper  isto prevent vehicle theft. This functionality is achieved by detecting vehiclestatus in theft mode and by sending an sms which is generated automatically.This sms is then sent to the owner of the vehicle .The owner can then sent backthe sms in order to disable the ignition of the vehicle.

Thus in this waycrimes can be reduced to a great extent as vehicles today are being stolen inlarge number. Hence, vehicles today require high security which can be achievedwith the help of this application. 5  Future scopeFurtherenhancement can be done to this paper  by using  a  GPSsystem that  helps  to  findout the exact position of the vehicle with the help of its latitude and  longitude  which then can  be sent  to the owner  of the vehicle via SMS. This data  can  be  then  entered  by  the  owner  on  Googlemap  to  find  out  theexact location of  the vehicle. There are  many  Applications of GPS based Vehicle theftdetection  system  using  GSM  technology,  few of  them  are listed  below:GPS  Car theft  detection  can  be  used  in transportation vehicles of  Companies, schools, colleges and industries. This work can be used  in our  carsand even in bikes.BIBLIOGRAPHY1 B.G.

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