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Nowadays, technology had made our lives easier and convenient. Thingsare effortless, can provide accurate output, and less hassle. Graphic designs donot mean that it’s all about designs made by computers, instead, from the pastyears, are made manually by hand, and it takes a very talented person to makeit very detailed. From small canvassed to paintings, people are admired art,depending on their own interpretations.Today, artists around the world are not only found in streets drawingcanvasses for people, drawing backgrounds from the scenery. Now, there arepeople who are called, digital graphic designers, which are artist thatutilized computers and technology for making designs and arts. Digital graphics are now in trends especially digital arts are easilyexhibited in the internet particularly in the social media.

Digital arts aremade through software, like Adobe programs and many more.Also, in terms of creating digital arts, 3D modeling became a trendsince computer games and animated movies uses 3D characters, to make it morepleasing to the users’ eyes. Innovation in digital arts are growing fast, as the industry for digitalgames and movies are very competitive in the market. There are manyapplications created that enabled the user to developed their ability in graphicdesign, but not all are capable of it. The usability of an application is very important to graphic designed, becauseit could be affected the development and served as the basis to create a more andattractive design that can entice the users. Some companies or productionmanagements invests on software with premium features, meaning they have to paya price in order to use the full capabilities of the software, to fulfill thesatisfaction of creating digital arts and motion graphics.

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Some may not believe it, but there are softwares in the internet that promisesa pack of features in terms of digital graphic designs, that be downloaded,open licensed and free of charge, like the Blender.Blender is a free and open source 3D creation suite. It supported theentirety of the 3D pipeline in modeling, rigging, animation, simulation,rendering, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and gamecreation.The creator of Blender was Ton Roosendaal, which is the largest opensource tool for 3D creation. Blender was originally developed as an in-house tool;the software now is being developed online by a community of developers led byTon Roosendaal at

And was originally developed as in-house 3Dsoftware by the Dutch animation studio neogeo. Graphic artist mainly used Blenderin practicing 3D modeling.Blender’s features are not only for 3D modeling, but also for animation,cycles render, video editing, game creation, and they can improvefunctionalities by program scripting using Python.

By utilized the fullcapabilities of Blender, the user could make an integrated project – forexample, making a 3d model character, apply colors, animation, and you can useit in a movie or a game, and add effects.Performance for rendering projects may depend on the hardwarecapabilities, but the Blender organization is still fixing bugs and improvingupdates to improve the adaptability of the software to the hardware.Despite of being an open-sourced application, Blender’s popularity isstill on the downside. Blender may be used in some famous games and theirtechnology is even applied on some of the Hollywood movies, but still, most ofthe users prefer other software. This issue aimed to be clarified in thisresearch as a secondary priority, and can be answered along the way as long asreader continuously read this research.In order to clarify and understand the Blender application, theresearchers are inspired to make this research and to conduct a study about theusability of the Blender Application in terms of making it as a tool forstudying a multimedia development, specifically for making 3d models andapplications, and to promote the software to the target students, because itmay help them in many ways, particularly in studying multimedia.


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