Nowadays explanations for lookism, one article explained that beauty

Nowadays discrimination is something we see every day in the newspapers, magazines or internet. And it comes in various ways such as racism, religion, age, gender or discrimination based on color. But the silent form of discrimination is appearance discrimination. And it’s to treat someone differently than others based on their look. It doesn’t have the same stature as racism or sexism, but it is an important topic in the professional world and it must be awake the extreme emotions. Appearance discrimination is silent because people generally do it naturally, and they can’t realize that they treat people in a different way based on how they look. For example, the person can’t prove that he/she was receiving low salary because he/she is short or fat. And that make this type of discrimination to be continue due to the victims are not able to provide substantial proof that the treatment they are receiving is because of how they look. However, this means that it’s very important to make others aware of appearance discrimination.Individuals’ appearance could influence badly on their jobs prospects as well as their career progression. Moreover, many studies prove that people don’t only value beauty in the abstract, but they strongly believe that attractive individuals are the better people. People tend to attribute attractive individuals with a lot of positive characteristics, on only the basis of appearance even if these characteristics don’t associate with the appearance itself. Attractive individuals are perceived to be more successful and competent than the other less attractive people. These assumptions lead to stereotype that beauty is always refers to good. In college, the attractive students are more likely to take leadership positions and in the workplace the attractive people are hired more often than others. As well as they are giving more promotions and paid more. There are many explanations for lookism, one article explained that beauty is a form of social status like race. Other study that’s rooted in evolutionary psychology, said that human value the physical features associated with high odds of survival. And the traits that indicate to strength, good health and reproductive quality are lead to good reaction to the person’s mind, because historically these traits were most conducive to survival. Even if these traits are no longer necessary these days, the evolutionary psychologists said that brain still favored this information instinctually.  


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