Nowadays, a lot of teenagers are suffering

Nowadays, one of the hottest debated topic is about the effects of energy drinks on our health. Energy drinks are said to give u energy for doing work. At the same time how many people know about the health issues caused due to energy drinks? Before talking about this let us look what an energy drink is. ”An energy drink is a type of beverage containing stimulant drugs, usually including caffeine, which is marketed as providing mental and physical stimulation “(wikepedia,) I strongly believe that energy drinks should be banned. I have enough points to stick on my point of view. First of all energy drinks contains a lot of caffeine which is harmful to our health. Caffeine increases attention and reaction speed.

On the other hand, excess or repeated consumption of energy drinks will lead to cardiac problems like heart attack. Today a lot of teenagers are suffering from anxiety and depression. This can be caused by increased consumption of energy drinks. A recent study shows that in Europe energy drinks that containe taurine and caffeine have been connected to the death of athletes. The topic for allowing children to is also a huge debated topic. Energy drink companies say that its kids fault for frinking energy deinks. One of the biggest threat about drinking energy drinks is death.

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A lot of companies have been sued by the families of kids whoe were dead, claiming energy drinks for the reasom of theire death. Due to this I strongly believe that energy drinks should be banned, for a happy and healthy lifestyle.


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