Nowadays, years old have already started their

Nowadays, some teenagers in all countries have their own jobs at the same time they were studying.As we know many of them age around 18-19 years old have already started their jobs to earn money using their wages to earn study.however in my opinion, it is not a good idea because they are still young and have a fresh mind to pursue their studies well. First of all, the problem is teenagers cannot paying more attention in studies while working because it is very hard to focus on both studying and working. Moreover, job will make them feel tired and helpless due to solid working time. As an example, they might be feel stress, depression, and also face a lot of difficulties and problems due to pressure at work. Second, teenagers also have lack of time to make a revision in their study.

This is because they have to spend too much time on working and spend less time on studying. As an example, they wouldn’t have enough time for self-study,research and getting homework done. This will make them get result failure in study and get low pointer. At the same time they need to spend a lot of money to repeat their exam again to achieve flying colours and also to graduate. Third,

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