Nowadays, more places and people.Everyone knows that a

Nowadays, most people are using technology products in their life and don’t read any books. Many people have losing their interest in reading, some children even find that playing video games or using their mobile phone better than reading a book. This is a shame that is because, in the past, every people need to read a book to get the information they want. But now people can use the internet to get the information easily and faster. But the truth is much knowledge that can only be taken from books. Most people don’t like books because they don’t have enough time to read and they are tired to read the books. Also, people don’t like to read books because they need to flip the page over and over to read the entire book until the end. But most people don’t know that reading a book can let them discover more idea, more concept, more places and people.Everyone knows that a person who reads will be successful at doing anything and a person who doesn’t will either not do so well than others or eventually fail in life. Reading can let a person far away from ignorance,bad habit, ego, arrogance and silly.Also, people think negative when they having bad time.So reading help them to far away from they negative thinking.Like Nicholson said that we read because we want to know we are not alone. Quindlen mentioned that books are the plane, and the car. They are destination, and the journey.They are home for all the readers.Also, Baldacci said that why cant people just sit down, get a book, read it and be nice to other people?Reading can improve the level of the conversation, memory, focus and concentration.

Every time when we having conversation with other people, Every time when we have conversations with other people, sometime we will say rough and irony language that hurt their feelings. Huxley once said that words can be like X-rays, They’ll go through anything.But reading can change this type of problem. Reading can help us to improve our conversation with anyone. When we have gathered with our friends or relative, we can show our humor to take the attention from the others. This will let them feel enjoy and fun when talking with us. Beside humor can make awkward, far away from us.Reading can help us to think while having a conversation, will not have any rough language appear.But according to result that person who always say rough language, is the one who always honest with friends and other people.However,we still need to try to not speak any rough language when having conversation to others.Also, when we talk to other people, they will feel more comfortable and relax. Campbell once said that sat in a room and read over and over. Your mind is brought onto that high level. So reading is important for us because reading can improve the level of conversation with other people.

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Today’s society, many young people always forgot things that happened last week. They can’t even remember the things that they think that is not important. Also, they memorize things very slow and need to take long time to remember. So, reading can help to improve our memory. First, we can try to Learn at specific times when our brain is more active. Actually, our brain is not keep on active stage at every time. Some times our brain becomes more active in early morning while some time it becomes more active in evening or in late night. This will help us to remember any details when we have reading. Second, we can use flash card to record new and important information. They are easy to make and use because we can take them anywhere we want. This can help us to memorize things easy and fast. Also, it can improve brain memorizing ability. Third, we can read loudly to improve our memory. There are some researchers experimented by giving a list of word to a group of people to learn by dividing some words to read silently and some words to read loudly. The result was that the words that people are able to remember and recall the words that read loudly. Pamuk said that he read a book and it change his whole life because of a book that full of knowledge. That’s why reading can help us to improve memory and memorize things faster than other people.
In fact, young people not only have poor memory, they also don’t good focus and concentration to anything. For example, when having dinner, they play phone and don’t eat dinner simply. Besides, they always don’t concentration on something important like when go out with family, still playing phone. Their focus is distracted by other amazing things like video games, phone and others. But, when they start reading, their focus will be improved. Reading can help us to avoid distract by other interesting thing such as mobile phone. Reading also can help us to focus on conversation with other people. So the relationship will no becoming bad. Reading allow us to focus on our thing. For example working, having dinner, doing housework and others. We also need some kind of distraction, like reading. So why not make this entertainment useful for your brain? Think about that, finds a place where let us feel quiet and calm, grab a book and let our mind wander! Mitchell said that books don’t give a real escape, but they can stop a mind scratching. Also,Quindlen said that in books she has travelled, not only to other worlds, but in her own world. When we having reading, we will just like go into a space that belong to ourselves and start wandering about anything, any incredible, amazing and fantasy things. So reading can improve our strong focus and concentration at anything. 
In summary, reading is very important to everyone. Reading is a survival skill and power to us. Readings help us to know what is true and fake. Just like Mantel talked about somethings are true and some are lie. But they are all good stories for telling people how to figure out truth and lies. Reading let us know what we need to believe and what we need to keep away from. Many people think that reading is useless and not important. The ignorance they have, make them fail. Even though they are smart or clever. They don’t know reading make a people success in anything. Cause reading let us to think more and further than other people. Like Paulsen said that he will owe everything he has and everything he will ever be to books. That is the charm of books. Maybe reading can’t give any material satisfaction, but it gives knowledge to us. Knowledge, even through we lose anything, but knowledge is the one will not lose from us. So we need to make reading as our habit. I know that it is not easy to, but no pain no gain. Persistence is victory. Not one is having a big achievement without reading books. For example Bill Gates, Oda Nobunaga and other. They have today achievement because of reading. Reading make them to success at anything they want to do. Rilke said that how great to see when people who are reading books. Reading books make us feel more charm to other. Therefore, reading is important in our whole life, reading cant be lack in our life, reading make life better, reading make life easy, reading make us successful in everything?Reading make us become what we want.


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