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Normally, anxiety is one of the normal parts of human life. Anxiety could be felt when you are in the problem at your works, before of participating in a test, or taking an important decision. But the disorders of anxiety are related to worry and fear more than short-term.If a person is suffering from anxiety disorder, it does not reduce and become worsen day by day. It could be affected on regular job performance, educational activities and even in your relationship. You might be surprised to know that anxiety is the most common mental health issue in the people of the U.S.A., which is 1 out of 5 people at this time, reported by the “National Alliance on Mental Illness”. Sings & Symptoms of Mental Disorders, AnxietyIt could vary on anxiety disorder, but its general signs and symptoms are as:•           Feelings of fear, panic or uneasiness•           Sleeping Problems•           Sweaty or Cold feet or hands•           Shortness of breath•           Palpitations of Heart•           Unable to be calm and still•           Dry mouth•           Tingling or Numbness in the feet or hands•           Nausea•           Tension in Muscle•           Dizziness etc.Risk Factors of Anxiety DisordersResearchers have suggested that some genetic & environmental factors; here are some risk factors of Anxiety Disorders;•           Behavioral inhibition or, Shyness, in childhood•           Being female•           Less resources of the economy•           Being widowed or divorced•           Experience of worrying life events in early days & adulthood•           Some close biological relatives of Anxiety disorders•           Mental disorders history of Parent•           Elevated levels of cortisol in the afternoon in the salivaSome Natural Remedies of Anxiety TreatmentNow-a-days drugs are the first choice of any health issue, but there are some remedies of mental disorders, anxiety with natural way without any drug. Some of the Natural Remedies of Anxiety Treatment are as follow:Chamomile (Matricaria recutita)When you are feeling your moment jittery, take a cup of chamomile tea, and it may help to make you calm down. There are some ingredients in chamomile that could bind the receptors of brain like the drugs, Valium.Hops (Humulus lupulus)You are listening correctly; it’s available in beer, but it might not be possible to get the benefits of being tranquilized with a brew of this bitter herb, hops. It has the compound named volatile oil, which is sedative with its tinctures and extract. It can make your anxiety lessen with aromatherapy.Epsom Salt’s hot bathA gentle hot bath makes calm the body always and helps to regulate anxiety and mood. If you add some Epsom salts, which contain magnesium sulfate and acts to make your body calm and make the blood pressure lower. For some extra scents, you can add vanilla or lavender oils.Include L-lysine to the dietL-lysine is nothing but one kind of amino acids and one of the chemical message blocker of your brain which called neurotransmitters. Researches have suggested that the person who is eating L-lysine has less sign or symptoms of anxiety disorders along with the lessen stress hormones. You can find L-lysine in beans, fish and meat.ValerianIn some different studies has found that the person who is using valerian has less stress and anxiety. Valerian is safe in the recommended doses, but it should not be taken more than several weeks, because it has some side-effects like drowsiness and headaches.Lemon balmResearches have suggested that lemon balm could be helpful to reduce the symptoms of anxiety like excitability and nervousness. It’s well-tolerated and safe for the use of short-term. It has side-effects like abdominal pain and contents


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