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NON TRADITIONAL SECURITY THREATS TO PAKNon – traditional security challenges are threats to the survival and well being of people and states that arise primarily out of non military sources. Such as climate change, infectious diseases, natural disasters, irregular migration, food and water shortages. And other forms of transnational climes Said Dr Mely Cab Alleco Anthony. Pakistan is facing serious threats and an increase in violence in society due to fast growing, uncontrolled Media, communication infrastructure and mass globalization.

These threats are other then the nuclear and continuous Military disputes. Nontraditional security challenges are the perceived threats directly to the people and to the state, causing hurdles in progression of the state’s economy and degrading the image of the state worldwide. To impose a false impression of the people and state to the region. In Pakistan there is an increase in violence’s in society due to nontraditional security challenges we need to sort out these issues, threats, challenges with mutual trust, coordination, cooperation and harmony among institutions of the state for well being of the country and its people for a better atmosphere to progress and prosper.Transnational crimes including, Trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants is also one of the main problem.

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Due to this there been an increase in violence including combat trafficking and especially women and children. Recently tow Acts, ordinances, have been passed pertaining to these issues which is a bench mark for Pakistan. Act no XXVIII of 2018. This is an act to prevent the smuggling of migrants.

Act No XXXIV of 2018 which is an act to prevent and combat trafficking in persons especially women and children. These laws safe guard the rights of victims of human trafficking and smuggled migrants and contrary to it empowering the law enforcement agencies of Pakistan in apprehending and cracking down these groups. These laws meet international standards on (TIP) and (SOM). These laws include heavy punishments of long imprisonments and fines to smugglers and their benefiter and non-criminalization of smuggled migrants, which shows the commitment of government of Pakistan. These new laws strengthen the law enforcement agencies in protecting freedom, will being and dignity of many humans expose to this threat every single day. Due to these new laws US has improved Pakistan’s ranking on human Trafficking to Tier-2 level.

Pakistan is a facing serious threat and great challenges from large scale natural disasters to include landslides, droughts, floods, fog, heavy rainfalls, tropical cyclones, dust storms, fires, oil spills and depletion of glaciers. In this regard we should make effective use to space technology for monitoring and timely prediction of these natural disasters. We must take some precautionary measures for disaster and post disaster stages. This is how we can minimize the loss of precious human life and their belongings. SUPARCO is the national space agency of Pakistan, it is equipped with earth observation from satellites and GIS techniques for identifying, examining and predicting natural disasters.

These are numerous infectious diseases which are very common and effecting the life of locals of Pakistan. Such as Rise in fatal Naegleria infections in Karachi linked to domestic water supply. There must be awareness, knowledge and present physicians must be updated to these current modalities in the management and treatment of infectious diseases. According to Pakistan’s Bureau of statistics Government of Pakistan there have been listed 98 major infectious diseases and grouped into 17 types.

The degree of risk is assessed by considering the foreign nature of those infectious diseases, severity and probability of being affected by the diseases present.One of the upcoming main issue and threat to Pakistan will be shortage of water. Our rivers are drying out. We as nation need to act seriously on this issue by conserving water at personnel level and optimum utilization of water by making dams, we will get our people employed, opportunity of jobs, we can build electricity, we can use water in day outs or during heavy rainfall or excess of water from glacises by storing it. This will decrease the threat of floods. Proper and regular flow of water in our canal system is very important, as we are an agricultural country and need a large quantity of water to crop our fields.

We all know water is life, water security is one of the major non-traditional challenge we are facing right now.Pakistan is an agricultural country but facing poverty and there is a shortage of food. We need to visualize and reform our agriculture system. If our neighboring countries are getting more yield of every crop with good quality contrary to us.

Why we are lacking behind. There is a need to properly store food and our crops, these must be a well organized system to minimize the wastage of food.Climate change has adversely affected lives of Pakistani people due to frequent extreme weather changes in temperature these abrupt changes led to a number of people killed, injured or made homeless.Pakistan’s is one of the leading countries amongst the population explosion. It has adverse effects on life style of people.

Provision of basic needs to people like clean water, food and shelter becomes difficult ultimately burdening the society.Pakistan is a country blessed by God Almighty with countless blessings. We need to work together by giving priority to national interests over personal interests by mutual harmony amongst all the institutions with a vision to make our country among the best and keeping the Pakistani flag high.


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