NHS on time during her pregnancy. SCD is

NHS Sickle Cell and Thalassemia (SCT) is a screening program which is focused in finding people who carry genetic conditions like hemoglobinopathies. Sickle cell disease is one of those conditions. Screening is offered to specific groups who might have increased risk of having SCD like all pregnant women, future fathers (where antenatal screening shows that the mother is a genetic carrier) and all newborn babies.
Pre?conceptual testing should be offered to women who have infertility investigation tests and in those having in vitro fertilization. If a woman is a carrier for a significant hemoglobinopathy, the partner or sperm donor should be tested. The same applies in case of a donor ovum is to be used.
In case of a pregnant woman who was not aware of her condition, antenatal screening is allowing to her medical team to make all the appropriate arrangements on time during her pregnancy. SCD is inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern which means that in case that both parents are carriers, there is 25% risk that the offspring will have the disease in a homozygous state.
The optimum time for the initial screening test should be until the 10th week of gestation as that period is the time of rapid growth and huge developmental changes. It also gives the appropriate time to the future parents to have all the necessary screening procedures and have the option to choose whether they wish to terminate the pregnancy or proceed with it.
Prenatal diagnosis takes place when both future parents are known carriers and screening tests are performed to the fetus in order to diagnose if it is affected by the disease.
Antenatal screening differs according to the area where the antenatal unit is placed in terms of prevalence. High prevalence area is where the fetal prevalence of SCD is 1.5 per 10 000 pregnancies or higher, while low prevalence area is where the fetal prevalence of SCD is


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