New have the potential to dominate the market

New Australian coffee pod producers, Urban Brew, have the potential to dominate the market gap by satisfying the increasing numbers of ethically conscious consumers. Since officially launching in October 2017, Urban Brew has created a niche market for themselves by offering locally roasted and fair trade coffee in pods made from d2w oxo-biodegradable and recyclable plastic technology. Eco-friendly alternatives have been in the market for some time now but what makes Urban Brew stand out is the surprisingly low price they offer along with free direct shipping from the producer no matter the order size. To achieve low price, Urban Brew stripped away additional costs without sacrificing quality and set out to work with what they claim to be the smallest marketing budget in the world. In saying this, the business focuses heavily on customer service and depends solely on word of mouth. Though an effective marketing strategy, other inexpensive actions can be taken to gain recognition from other individuals and as a result grow customer/consumer base at a faster rate. The sections below analyse Urban Brew’s current marketing strategy, target market and competitors along with inexpensive improvements.


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