Nestlé began its activities in Singapore in

Nestlé Singapore (Pte) Ltd is an entirely owned subsidiary of Nestlé SA. Nestlé Nestlé began its activities in Singapore in 1912 and has considering that been expanding on its satisfaction, generally as a stop consequence of its working principles. Nestlé’s pledge to giving tremendous merchandise to Singaporeans dates again over 90 years in the past buying and selling MILKMAID condensed milk under the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk organization.

Throughout the years, it has been present in Singapore, Nestlé has earned the trust of Singaporeans for being a food manufacturer with the most straightforward wellbeing and high-quality standards.Today Nestle? Singapore utilizes more than 1300 staffs and markets in excess of 500 items in Singapore. Nestle? Jurong factory, keeps up the most noteworthy benchmarks in Food Safety and HACCP, Quality Management, hygiene and Good Manufacturing Practise GMP – in accordance with the Nestle? Quality System (NQS). This framework surpasses all necessities of ISO9002. In acknowledgement of our guidelines, since 1994, we have been awarded Certificates of Commendation for excellence in Food Processing, Sanitation and Hygiene by the former Ministry of Environment (Food Division), now known as the Agri-Food ; Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA).

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