Nelson MandelaA GREAT LEADER(1918-2013)( FROM PRISONER TO PRESIDENT )SUBMITTED TO:MS.AIZA HUSSAINSUBMITTED BY:MAHAM FARRUKH | F15-BBA-037 | LAHORE GARRISON UNIVERSITYNELSON MANDELA:Nelson Mandela was born on 18 July 1918 in the village of Mezzo in Umtata.Given the forename is (Rolihlahla), in later years he became known by his clan name called, Madiba.Qualities of Nelson Mandela:1. Honest:• The general story of course is that he was a freedom fighter who consequentially resisted the racist apartheid regime of south Africa was sentenced to prison for 27 years for resistance to state tyranny.

2. Hard working:• He was a south-African anti-apartheid revolutionary politician and philanthropist.• He served as president of south-Africa from 1994 to 1999.

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• In south-Africa he’s often described as a father of the nation.3. Effective Leader:• South Africans mourned at the loss of Nelson Mandela.• Because he was the father of country. He was very beneficial to his country.

4. Self -motivate:• Mandela was a great self – motivator. He motivate the peoples by his quotes to become more efficient and powerful in their lives. 5. Moral:Mandela have good morality examples:• Mandela forgave those people that imprisoned him for 27 years in jail.

• He invited a former guard to his inauguration of noble peace prize ceremony and shared the prize with his predecessor, F.W .de Clerk.

• He won trust of peoples and set an examples of how an entire nation could move forward.He said: “Hating clouds the mind.” 6. Stick to his words:• Mandela was so committing person to his mission. He faced many critics at national and international level. • Mandela always tried to complete his mission and never stopped moving towards the ultimate goal of making his country proud.7. Communication skills:• Mandela do not let their egos get in the way of accomplishing their mission.

• Many people who was knew him, commented that he was very humble. When he meeting someone he frequently said: “It’s an honor to meet you.” • He never presented himself as being above or better than the other the peoples.

8. Visionary:He was a very visionary and positive thinking man.He was very punctual to his work.9. Risk taker:Whenever I thought about the great leaders of the world.

For the first time the personality came in my mind is Nelson Mandela who take many big risk in his life. He sacrifice his 27 years of his life in black.10. Focused:He was much focused on goals and made a mission beyond himself.

11. Determinant:• In his whole he always show grit and determination towards his missions and goals.12.

Power in his Smile:• He had a powerful presence and disarmed the enemies with his smile.• He was always positive and think about what could be do.13.

Encourage:• He always encourage the people to become a good personality in the surroundings.• He tried to develop the spirit among the two nations.14. Writer:He wrote many book in his life.Their quotes are very motivational and meaningful for the youth15. Winner :• He won the trust of peoples.• He won the race against the cruelty.• He won the award for the peace.• At the end, (From the prisoner to President) he won the battle.—————————————————————


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